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Black Friday deals.
November 27, 2010

So, did any of you guys get any good gaming deals on Black Friday?

On Amazon, I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy: The 4 Warriors of Light for $16. I also got Gran Turismo 5, but unfortunately, I didn't save any cash on that one. =[

But, what sort of gaming deals did HG find?

Asians are always related:


Hello Honestgamers.
November 25, 2010

It's been a while since I posted one of these. Prepare for CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

SNSD's new song is out!
October 29, 2010

They're using a sort of "James Bond" style with this, especially in the MV. I prefer live performances though, so check out this one! Sooyoung is so pretty!

One of my favourite Korean groups just made their Japanese debut.
October 24, 2010

Now that they're singing in Japanese instead of Korean, Genj is guaranteed to love them:


Final Fantasy XIV interview with Hiromichi Tanaka
September 29, 2010

I saw this on another website and figured I'd blog it here through the magic of COPY AND PASTE. It talks of not only the future of Final Fantasy XI, but of its recently-released successor.

Eorzea and Vanadiel: the eternal lands that grow with their inhabitants
Dengekis Osho sat down with Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and asked him about the past and future of FFXI and FFXIV.

Online and off, party play is the heart of the RPG
Dengeki Osho (DO): Im sure this must be the busiest time for you right now, what with FFXIVs service just beginning, but wed like to ask you about FFXI and FFXIV. First, however, we thought wed talk about the original Final Fantasy series a bit. Youve been with FF since the beginning, along with having your hand in a lot of other RPGs, correct?

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Final Fantasy XIV: First Impressions!
September 23, 2010

So, FFXIV was released today and my Amazon preorder came right on time (for once). The first thing I noticed was that the box that arrived from Amazon was pretty fucking big. When I opened it, I learned that's because the box containing the game is equally pretty fucking big. Observe:


Forgive me, my desktop is a little messy at the moment. I put a DS game next to it as a size reference.

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The open beta starts today
August 31, 2010

As probably the only person on this website who actually liked Final Fantasy XI, excitement is at an all-time high.

Edit: they postponed it because of some bugs. Sadface =[


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