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Thinkin about a new PC
April 08, 2008

My computer is over 5 years old and I'm thinking about getting a new one. I haven't looked into this stuff for years, so as of now I have no idea what parts or graphics card I should be looking at. I'll probably be getting Vista as my operating system(I hate Vista), which means I need a ton of RAM. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I do want a PC that will be able to handle playing games for at least a few years.

One good thing is I can use at least some of the purchase as a tax write off since I will be using it for business.

I don't see much PC talk around here, but if anyone has any pointers feel free to share.


(Untitled Post)
April 03, 2008


Anime Update
April 02, 2008

I watched the first season of Code Geass and really liked it. The plot is really over the top in a good way. I like how almost all of the main characters involved in this main plot happen to go to the same school.

Next I watched Death Note. This might have been one of my favorite anime series ever. Basically a guy finds a notebook and can kill anyone just by writing his or her name in it.

I found all of the episodes for both of these on Veoh, so thanks for that pointer EmP. It's nice being able to watch these online and not have to pay 20some dollars for a dvd with 3 or 4 episodes on it.


What do you do while this site loads?
March 27, 2008

I open another tab and check my email. By then the main page is usually all there. I check for anything new and then go to my blog. While that loads I check out one or two of my daily websites. I keep doing this while checking other pages on the site.

I'm not trying to complain, but this site seems to be loading slower and slower every week. Is there a certain time of day when it loads normally?


Can someone give me an anime reccomendation?
March 24, 2008

It's been a few years since I've gotten into an anime series and I have the urge to try out a new one. I've found that reviews online aren't very reliable. The last series I got into was Berserk and that was after overhearing two guys talking about how good it was.

I like big fighting robots, anything with a cool plot, and fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Basically I don't like anime comedy, porn, or the overly political series.

If you have any recommendations or a good site to check out reviews of newer stuff I'd love to hear them.

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Snow is almost all melted in GB
March 22, 2008

Sucks to be you pup

My Favorite Band Gets a TV Show
March 19, 2008

April 15th on Fuse.

Here's a music video.


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