i am going to hell.
January 12, 2010

(4:52:39 AM) almighty Fatness: "topics in algebra and number theory" i wonder how that'll be.
(4:52:43 AM) almighty Fatness: probably shit, i hate number theory.
(4:53:31 AM) PickHut: What if it was number conspiracy theories?
(4:53:36 AM) almighty Fatness: haha
(4:53:40 AM) almighty Fatness: the x files
(4:53:41 AM) almighty Fatness: BAD JOKE
(4:53:44 AM) PickHut: hahaha

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pickhut pickhut - January 12, 2010 (02:26 AM)
My jokes are so awesome, they force blu to tell bad ones.

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