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August 30, 2009

because I'm very bored.

-as always, third men make or break you. GUTS coasted us through a season in '05 and then cost us it when he didn't show for the finals, arkrex cost us '07, and now not being able to count on Espiga to even have a chance at Schultz in the finals forced an awkward lineup that put everything on one guy. also notice how much picking Vorty hurt WQ's squad. the best draft picks weren't the Zigs and the Woodhouses, they were the DOIs and the BELIs.

-Week 4 was hilarious in hindsight, even if Jerec is still a bitch. if he'd just abstained from voting on the Metal Slug match then our teams would have tied with one win each and the same amount of votes, which would have been awesome. oh well.

-by far the review I enjoyed writing the most was Scythe, with Week 7 being the most enjoyable matchup. I like having little gimmick matches against my buddies like that, instead of like "ok, Janus wrote a review that's like this so what can I do to counter it".

-no hard feelings against Espiga, he had actual real life stuff going on. at least he got a few wins (particularly against bbobb) and probably made a few others sweat a bit. I was considering taking the Esssspiga joke further and actually writing him a new review, but was too lazy and in no position to be dicking around toward the middle. I'm curious, were any of you judges not actually aware that he was MIA? it seemed like it, sometimes.

-Woodhouse was a clutch draft pick, he racked in all of the important wins that shot us from barely still being in to a #1 seed. especially against Suskie; we didn't need that to win, it turns out, but that along with WQ beating Schultz got us the top spot. one of the better draft picks I've made along with GUTS, Ukyo, and Cairo.

-I haven't really checked, but I don't think Team Zig would have even made the finals with a Mister_E that won every round.

-I'm happy I wrote half new stuff and used heavily updated, non-favored old stuff when I didn't. Zig was particularly good about this, too. I'm sure the judges are just as bored as I am of reading the same old Doom II and Emerald Dragon reviews.

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aschultz aschultz - August 30, 2009 (08:15 PM)
Wow...that's some hard luck on 2nd round draft picks. I wouldn't have the guts to be a captain because I'd have that happen with my 1st AND 2nd round picks. Woodhouse was a strong pick & I always knew he wrote well but I think he did some new good stuff here.

And thanks for the respect in steering Espiga away from me, before whipping me 3-0 to knock my votes for/against to 13-14 and below my break-even goal.

Btw, I read all Espiga's reviews before our matchup--not hard as he is concise and interesting--and you picked my favorite one of his, or close to it, for him to beat me in round 6. That was a crusher--I think we saw a real possibility of losing to you but didn't expect a sweep!

I was actually wondering if you were just holding back an Espiga review to spring on someone who didn't suspect it. That would have been funny...well, funnier if it happened in the semifinals and not the finals.

That Metal Slug matchup was hilarious and your battle with Overdrive may've been the best of the tourney, so good work on the thematic matchups. You helped make this contest more fun for, well, everyone.
bluberry bluberry - August 30, 2009 (08:37 PM)
actually, we were holding back GCII and Gurumin. then when I saw where Lewis' opinions were starting to go on narrative reviews I kind of went FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU--

those were our two favorites of his, though.
woodhouse woodhouse - August 30, 2009 (09:08 PM)
Awww, now I wish I had voted for you for captain of the year, but I wrote Suskie cause they won. Take it out on me in the HATE contest.

Also, technically you are right about Team Felix, but that only supposes that drella would have always slid into Rand's slot, which wouldn't have been the case.
bluberry bluberry - August 30, 2009 (09:12 PM)
good point, and haha I don't mean to bitch too much even though I am. it just gets old is all. you know as well as anyone since you put in half the work in dealing with him!
Halon Halon - August 30, 2009 (11:20 PM)
I've never really read much of Espiga's stuff in the past which is why I didn't mind a lot of it in this tourney. Unfortunately it didn't work out as well for others such as Darketernal since I've read many reviews he's used 3 years in a row.
overdrive overdrive - August 31, 2009 (09:36 AM)
I know what you mean. Despite losing, I probably had more fun working with my Icarus review for our match-up than any other week. It was a fun gimmick review-off about a subject we both know an obscene amount about. Going into, my mindset was, "This is fun! Time to write!", as opposed to the "Well, hope I can pull something great out of this game....." mindset I was in with most of my reviews.

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