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HGWars, Bloomer style! - AKA Warlords
April 15, 2009

("Bloomer style"? Could that sound any dumber? Why did I ever go with this handle?)

Eighteen years ago, Jason Honestgamer was in nappies* and I was in high school. I discussed Jason's high achievement-for-age ratio with him in a chat just the other week, where I praised his ability to walk at age twelve and the like. In roughly the same year as he took those steps – which was 1991 – I programmed 90% of a war/strategy game for the Apple II called Warlords, which actually has a few similarites to the HGWars we are participating in today, and thus which you may enjoy reading about after this screenshot:

(* This is a lie)

Links to other screenshots are at the base of this post.

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My Eamons available to the world, at last
March 14, 2009

The three Eamon adventures I wrote (and in one case co-wrote) for the Apple II, back when I was about 18 years old, have finally made their way into the Eamon Adventurers Guild. They are all set in the sword and sorcery setting.

I doubt anyone reading this will go to the trouble to play these, but in case you want to, I tell you how you can right after I describe the adventures briefly:

1 Cliffs of Fire - I wrote this to learn how to write an Eamon, so it's the least sophisticated. You goes to the cliffs, you kills the bad guys, you brings back the riches. I recommend against bothering.

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Amazon - Vid of another game from the made-by-Wade vaults
March 05, 2009

OK! Now we move out of the Apple II age and into the Mac age.

In 2002, using Klik & PLay software on an olde iMac, I assembled one screen of a proposed 16-bit style platformer I would call 'Amazon'. I'd tuned the heroine's physics, illustrated one screen (note the nice fluttering leaves), sorted a couple of sound FX and animated the heroine and a monster.

This all took awhile, yet I was already dissatisfied with the rubbery-ness of logic in K+P's programming language. It seemed the rest of my time designing the game, had I continued, would have been spent trying to stop the sprites from escaping all over the place - EG - magically flying from ladders to nearby ledges in ways I didn't want them to, getting into parts of the screen I didn't want them to, etc.

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February 23, 2009

I began 2007 doing nothing but creating the AMay videoclip. I was working part time and the rest of the time I was doing this, for four months. It's a period of life I notice I already feel a bit nostalgic about, even though it wasn't very long ago at all. Artistically, the experience had a clear trajectory and a finish line I could anticipate, which made it very rewarding. The musicmaking itself is a lot more mercurial.

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February 13, 2009

For some reason I've lately found myself thinking about what phases of my gaming life I feel most nostalgic about. I think I'm thinking about this because after RSI took my right arm out completely for months, I started considering long term ramifications. I expected I would heal up, but thought, 'Okay, what if I don't heal back to full, what activities can I remove from life, and how will I feel about living without those activities?'

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Serial Killer Party
February 03, 2009



Certificate: 18+ (R) Release Date: 07/02/2009
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Developer Unassigned
Publisher: 2K Games

SERIAL KILLER PARTY proposes a variety of 30 mini–games that can be played head–to–head or cooperatively amongst your family or 'friends'. Live a soul-destroying adventure if you play alone or drag down up to four other players.

- Enjoy exciting and various games inspired by serial killers' daily life:

* Kill / torture / cannibalise strangers

* Progress with memory games (Where did I bury the bodies?) puzzles (Fit dismembered limbs in fridge) colouring (Paint your van) and cutting up activities

- A great story to live:

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The Last V8
February 01, 2009

There was, in the past, an exciting-seeming overhead perspective driving game for the Commodore 64, with an absolutely kicking Rob Hubbard synth score, called The Last V8. The main thing to know about this game is that the Last V8 itself was a car which was so outrageously, skull-destroyingly difficult to control that you'd usually die on the 2nd or 3rd corner you tried to turn. You'd load the game, listen to the cool music, try and drive around a few measley corners and then watch your car explode. Game Over.

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