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Gunfight at the EA (Sports) Corral
May 02, 2006

Have I decided? Have I boat. I'm still weighing up the pros and cons for a JAP Saturn and Radiant Silvergun. So far though, I haven't found many cons (although my wallet seems to be moaning a bit :/)

So, to help ignore my poor decision making process, I am (somewhat ashamedly) looking to buy a SNES. My first ever SNES. Never owned one, never played one.

"And you call yourself a gamer?!"

Yes, yes, I know. :( How many classics am I missing out on? Hundreds. At least. Issue 23 of UK Retro Gamer hasn't exactly helped, with a big fat section on why it's so great. I've only read it thirteen times so far, my top lip curling slightly more every time.

So, instead, in a mad fit of "I need a footy game on my 360 that was designed for it!", I bought FIFA World Cup 2006 on X360.


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A moral dilemma
March 29, 2006

Well, it has only taken about 8 months for me to actually get round to putting something here. Like all good gamers though, this is because I spend too much time playing games (Hah! I wish!)

My time is being taken up with the X360 (when I actually get to play anything) - what a joy! However, I will never dismiss my roots and always dip back into old favourites or previously undiscovered goodies on other consoles from now or from yesteryear.

Which is partly why I am writing a review for the ever stunning Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast.

Even though two sequels have come about the original still holds a special place for me as being one game worth buying a console for.

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