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Ev'ry li'l bit helps
September 29, 2009

Today, I wrote a pretty cool perl script that takes what I have written for a day and sorts it into my big-huge-file(s) for writing, based on subject. It has to be formatted correctly. Basically a chunk of text will start

Angst from 6th grade
Angst from High School
Angst from Purdue losing to Notre Dame again, **** the Irish
Angst from a GameFAQs message board post 8 years ago I can't let go of
Angst from someone pointing out a typo in a review/blog post


Infinite Jest

And so forth. The main file has books, etc. and so it should sweep through and pick up everything, and if it doesn't, there's a handy little dump file the unused stuff goes to.

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Ultima: Warriors of Destiny, pt2 *technical*
September 17, 2009

I'm pleased with how the guide and its maps are going. More specifically, I'm pleased with the odd scripts I've been able to use to map the game out and find locations and I'm happy with how FCEUXD makes it so easy to find cheats.

My big coup was poking at a save state to change the locations so that my party would pop up at different points on the map, so I could map out 32x32 squares in order. The overworld is 512x512 and so is the underworld--though it is 512x256 of terrain and each dungeon is 4 64x64 levels.

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9/9/9 Numerological Nonsense
September 10, 2009

What were you doing at 9:09:09 AM and 9:09:09 PM?

AM: searching for my glasses
PM: on the train, reading a book

I always pay attention to when one is coming up and I note it the day before and forget it that day.

My favorite numerological story is when someone on 7/8/90 who looked forward to 12:34:56 PM had a plane that flew west to cross the Date Line, so he missed it.


Bad Material at GameFAQs, FAQ division
September 07, 2009

So I was emailing with adaml, the person on GameFAQs who is trying to solve every North American NES game ever released. He's at 11. One of them is Ultima: Warriors of Destiny.

This is not a good game. As a port from the PC and Apple, it runs into disk-space problems, and so the programmers decided to keep...the endlessly looping sound.

As bad as the game is, though, the current FAQ is equally crummy. I think I gave Orochi K permission to use whatever he found in my guide, if it was helpful, several years ago. I did not expect him to take some of my stuff, some of the other guide, some game genie codes and hope this worked for the NES.

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Team Tourney Stuff, why not
September 03, 2009

The writing hangover lasted 4 days (a cheap NES FAQ doesn't count) and I almost forgot to pay my yearly condo insurance, too. I hope I didn't forget to, uh, proofread this.

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Sundog: the Frozen Legacy
September 01, 2009

Well, that was quick. I got distracted from making a TT recap by a new old game I thought I'd look at a bit--then I figured out what to do--and it got really interesting, and I figured how to make maps from the save states.

The game's called Sundog: the Frozen Legacy, which explains the post title, and it's a good one, a trading game where you fly between galaxies to trade stuff. This is extremely inventive for 1984 (the only game with similar features that I remember is Pinball Construction set) and it even has a joystick interface where you move to a button and click on it. When I played it as a kid I was blown away by the interfaces and didn't know what the hell to do, and anyway beggars and robbers kept asking me for money, and I kept getting my butt whipped.

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Final ratings, not much movement but...
August 30, 2009

You saw last week's. The only real shifts are what you'd expect. I drop for getting swept, Espiga goes up for 1-2 against Suskie, who drops slightly, and True flipflops with woodhouse.

suskie 2303 c
1 bbobb 2211 7
boo 2197 c
janus 2141 c
emp 2124 c
2 zig 2095 3
3 true 2094 8
4 venter 2079 6
od 2067 c
5 zipp 2065 1
6 woodhouse 2046 4
7 doi 2015 12
felix 1994 c
8 espiga 1980 13
9 wolfqueen 1964 2
10 aschultz 1956 9
11 sashanan 1930 15
12 de 1912 5
13 belisarios 1895 11
14 randxian 1876 16
dagoss 1875 c
15 turducken 1873 17
16 disco 1813 10
will 1798 c
17 vortex 1695 14

More final observations, by the numbers:

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