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I'm #57/58! I'm #57/58! (I think) and other stuff
March 30, 2010

So using Benford's Law, sort of, I was able to guess what position I am in total hits.

At least, I think you can poke it to say "the distribution of logarithms of natural/quasi random numbers is roughly evenly distributed." Or you can, less pretentiously, say...

(#50's hits) squared / (my hits) = someone's place.

101-that = my current rank.

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basketbally stuff
March 19, 2010

More blogging about basketball. Purdue and Siena played an entertaining game today in the NCAA first rounds. Purdue was fortunate to come away with the win. I was fortunate to be able to watch it all at work--thanks to the work environment and March Madness on Demand. I didn't care if people got a bit upset when I had something to say, because well, they were babbling all morning.

My experience up to the game helped give a lot of new reasons for various truisms, or it made stuff obvious that should've been.

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You are the Ref
March 16, 2010

Had fun going through all of these. Not strictly a game, but an awesome semi-quiz about if something unusual happens in a soccer game, complete with cool illustrations.

You are the Ref

Even for those who find soccer boring, some of the incidents are almost hilarious, and they're all thoughtful. I probably got little more than what you'd expect right from plain guessing, and that's probably because eventually the questions overlapped.

I'm also impressed with how it describes the official's role as being active yet invisible, and how to deal with when laws being laws can suck, or even recognizing and owning up to mistakes made.


Corey Haim
March 15, 2010

I had another post planned, being a Purdue basketball fan and reacting to Robbie Hummel tear his ACL, then the game on Saturday. I'll let you google the halftime score. It was pretty bad. The upshot is, basketball games provide a good emotional source of frustration that's easier to bounce back from than just plain doldrums. I got a lot of good writing and thinking out of all that, but unfortunately for my team, none of that was review-related.

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I F5'd this way too much
March 02, 2010

Homage to a Hitch-hiker's Guide Character

I mean, I was just completely unsurprised someone did this once I saw the link name.

I actually had a much more serious post and reflective and thoughtful post to write, but this'll have to do, for now.


2 faqs down, 2 to go
February 04, 2010

I don't have plans for any new guides but nailed down 2 that'd been floating around with half circles on GameFAQs.

Dark Heart of Uukrul
Lode Runner 4(Arcade) -- final level was on nicovideo.

Still to go, Super Lode Runner 2 (Famicom) and QBert 3(SNES)--the 2nd, I may pull.

It's good to get a sense of completion about these things. I'm hoping I'll finally sink SLR2 this weekend. I have the last gold chest in the last level...but it's nice to have a burst of stuff done.

what the heck, 2009 rewrites in reviews
February 04, 2010

Maybe people will find ideas for what they want to rewrite, etc.

The ones before 6/1 helped keep me afloat in HGWars.

4/6: Taxman: warming up with a Pac-Man clone is as good a way as any to just write.

4/7: Gamma Goblins: this was mostly an exercise in weeding out the really awkward bits.

4/8: Galaxian: I finally got to where I could roll the 6-digit score. Actually, it clogged at 99990. That was cool. This was the sort of rewrite I was just happy I could do better than when first posted.

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