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April 16, 2009

Well I finally did it! My first works of fiction got published here. They're very derivative and very obnoxious, but hey, I'd wanted to write them a while and then I finally went through with them. I mean, what was I waiting for, some celestial sign? (And I don't believe in astrology.)

The front page doesn't link to fiction, so I thought I'd pump it in my blog. My reviews have tended to be less than enthusiastic for a while, but I'd like to think I was saving the good stuff for what I really want to do--write fiction. And I hope it all shows a different side of me.

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Pretentious Bastards Competition: Preemptive Trash Talk
April 15, 2009

I have an idea. It is for an obscure game, oh yes. It is for what is most certainly a better obscure game than whatever you have. But it was popular once, so the series is sort of about a popular game too, so all you people writing for that, know I have you blanketed there, too.

It will release pent-up frustration, creativity(see: my reviews where I can't find much to say about garden variety old school games,) and outrage over how the game did not have enough sequels. It will roast modern games. It will roast the games in the series that didn't work. It will be about old games, what works, and what does not.

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Oh blue Powerade Zero, how I love thee.
April 14, 2009

You are not like the other Powerade Zeroes. They are vaguely medicinal, but their underlying flavors are too well defined--strawberry or grape. You are mixed berry. You allow no questions as to what berries, besides blueberries are actually BLUE.

There are other regular power-ade flavors. Pink Lemonade comes close to you, as do those weird light green and cloudy white ones. But they are named after weird emotions.

You had a competitor in powdered blue Gatorade once, but Sam's Club stopped carrying it. Then Gatorade got Tiger Woods's endorsement. He is from Stanford. I hate Stanford. Plus Gatorade is too sweet tasting to feel like it gives you a charge.

And you are frequently on sale, five for a buck, at Jewel, easing the exorbitant 3% Cook County beverage tax.

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The great GameFAQs review competition and my memories of it, pt 3
April 10, 2009

Subtitle: 13 short reviews and what became of them.

Is this tooting my own horn? Yes, a bit. But in case anyone here came to write about reviews to work on other things, I think it's fair to say that it can lead to bigger things and not just better reviews. In a way, this bigger faq/review stuff may have come at the expense of my own "real" writing. The FAQs I wrote this week didn't seem like much, but they were exhausting.

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The great GameFAQs review competition and my memories of it, pt 2
April 09, 2009

So here are specific winners and what I remember of them. First, here's a link to the original tourney results. It's the one, the only, probably because CJayC had to check all the reviews back then, and some of the rushed efforts must've given him a real headache.

The three random winners are lost in the sands of time.

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The great GameFAQs review competition and my memories, pt 1
April 08, 2009

The forum boards reminded me of this, and I think I'll be able to write something interesting about them.

Maybe some other time I'll (re-)tell the story of how my love for Deathlord and Ultima IV brought me to GameFAQs in the first place. But for now, there is the review competition.

Around July of 1999, I, in some forgotten order,

1) found Ultima IV as freeware
2) found GameFAQs with a walkthrough for Ultima IV
3) said "Hey, maybe they have something for Deathlord"

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HG 27, GameFAQs 2
April 06, 2009

Well...once again it looks like my reviews do better on HG, at least short term. Perhaps I should write more. The whole HGWars things with HGPoints doesn't hurt, either--ok, it was a big motivation.

So, without any new games(stalled on Champions of Krynn--how much IS there to say that I didn't say in Silver Blades?) I decided I'd rewrite old reviews. I was worried going back through a few reviews that I'd either

1) cringe at part of them, or
2) not be able to improve them but know I should.

I just re-jigged Taxman and am surprised at the amount of juvenile stuff I wrote. Part of that was being glad about having something to write. I spent a lot of time saying "Yeah, good ideas but..."

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