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First things first, Mr. Schultz
April 26, 2009

So I decided to finally go through with my Magic Candle III fan fiction. I sort of tied it in to Bloodstone, and the previous Magic Candles, but this one was tougher than a lot of others...I wound up with a lot of extra material I couldn't use and that just didn't seem funny or clever.

Still, I was happy with what I had. So I went to submit it.

And I realized I forgot to see if the game was up there before starting in the first place. Well, I think it can probably stand proofreading anyway.

The things I do for $10
April 23, 2009

So I noticed SBAllen had a few new bounties up including some NES ones at $10 a pop. Smirk if you want, but the total value of the bounties is above what is usually there. This is a neat gesture from him to say, let's clear out the NES games released in North America. And really, we're very close.

Now I'd heard Secret Scout sucked. Your attack range was horrendous, enemies ran at you, stupid random damages. With an emulator and knowledge of hex editing/modding I can see what they were about. They just went about it wrong.

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On Schedule, I think
April 21, 2009

I'm very happy my fiction's been approved so far--I'm noticing shortcomings, but then I am taking steps to assure it's minimally interesting and proofread.

I have disorganized notes for everything and have been able to rejig my NoteTab Standard file so the outline looks clear. Between that and good old fashioned GREP, I am able to organizae a lot, leaving me to concentrate on the important details I want to. I really recommend NTS for anyone who is juggling several projects at once. It breaks a WP document handily into sections and ctrl-alt-[up/down] works quite well to move between them.

So, done:

* Ultima III, IV and VI

To do:

* Wasteland(organize notes, proofread)
* Bard's Tale II(organize notes, proofread)

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Minit Man
April 20, 2009

Well, I finally took this old Penguin Software game out for a spin. I remember having inordinate frustrations with it. You're in this helicopter, and you need to build a bridge on the left screen. Monsters drop from the center screen, and there's a radar dish on the right that prevents you from picking up the bridge pieces. When you get the bridge built, a train comes through and locks a missile in place. You need to work through the building in the center screen to get to the console to launch the missile. Then you get to go out and do it again.

The game frustrated me nearly to tears when the monsters went and actively destroyed my bridge. But I did a lot better with emulation. Yay, me.

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Advertisements for Myself
April 19, 2009

So...the fiction thing is going well. I am not worried now about if I am mass-producing stuff, because it is better than mass-procrastinating.

Nevertheless I wanted to lay out my plans, because it is the best way to force myself to get things done.

First, I want to send in my Deathlord and Magic Candle FAQs, because I really enjoyed the walkthroughs I put in them, featuring a fellow named Ned. I'd be curious what other people think of the walkthroughs whether or not they've played the game.

For this week:
--fan fiction for Ultima III * done 10:30 PM
--fan fiction for Ultima IV
(these should be pretty easy--a simple concept, and I know the games well enough that execution should be painless)

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More frivolity
April 18, 2009

Once upon a time, when I was a young ASchultz, I was apparently gifted. But I wasn't spoiled by that. For instance, I clearly wasn't mature enough to listen to Dr Demento. My sister, who was three years older, was. This situation did not change three years later, by which time I should probably have been playing classical music on my violin according to my parents. Somehow I still got pegged as someone who was dorky enough to listen to Dr Demento. I thought I got some of my own back when I bought a few huge compilation tapes in college.

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Limericks, why not
April 17, 2009

I seem inanely attracted to the things. It's the one form of writing that's almost impossible to take seriously. You can rattle off something and you're relatively pleased with it. There's a formula, you recognize the output for what it is, and if you're lucky you get a weird rhyme or a short story. Then you hope you can be succinct in other things.

And for me limericks help sort out dead wood in writing--I have a lot to get in, and a few words, so I better make it count. I'm sure I've written a lot of bad ones but I'm glad I take the time to. You can say you wrote something satisfactory, yet at the same time you're left feeling you really can and should do better.

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