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Bite-Sized Review // Hacknet
April 03, 2016

By Wolf

Developed by a one-man studio called Team Fractal Alligator, Hacknet is a terminal-based game that implements real UNIX codes and commands to bypass and/or shutdown firewalls, proxys, ports and the like. It does this to gain access to other people's' computers and eOS devices (the game's parody of smartphones) for their information or information in general, This allows them to do things such as retype false info, steal the information and expose it to light, or destroy the user's computer server.

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Bite-Sized Review // Defend Your Life
March 27, 2016

By Latinnus

I started playing Defend Your Life while I was spending Christmas holidays with the family, as a gap filler in the slower hours, and I couldnít be more pleased. Itís a very simple and very basic tower defence game, based on defending your body against all sorts of virus and problems which act as your enemies.

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Bite-sized Review // Deponia Doomsday
March 22, 2016

By MelBee42.

A fitting return visit to an endearing world

Deponia Doomsday doesn't *exactly* carry on where the original Deponia trilogy left off, but it does use some relatively creatively ways to give us the opportunity to revisit the world and characters that people loved. It's a solid point and click adventure with a somewhat convoluted story, decent puzzles and interesting (if ridiculous) characters.

What was great

- Great length for a point and click
- Puzzles zany enough for this type of game but not insanely hard
- Beautifully drawn world
- Mildly amusing (not laugh out loud funny)
- Decent voice acting

What was not so great

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