It's sad when a mandatory update ruins a perfectly good game.
May 26, 2019

For a bit of fun and nostalgia, I recently reinstalled The Shrouded Isle, which was probably my favourite game of 2017. However, upon playing it this time around, I found that it had been updated and changed in a very drastic way. These changes were not good to say the least, and I have summarized them in an edit to my original review of the game.

This reminds me a lot of the questionable and unnecessary changes that were applied to Darkest Dungeon before its official release. I found myself thinking of the tagline I applied to my review of that game: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Video games, like visual art, can be ruined if they are overworked, and that is certainly the case with both of these titles.

Suffice to say, I had to lower my rating of The Shrouded Isle from a solid 4 to a paltry 2. I can no longer recommend the game in its current state, as it is an absolute mess.

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honestgamer honestgamer - May 27, 2019 (10:43 AM)
I can definitely understand feeling frustrated in that scenario. I look at reviews as a snapshot of the game in the moment that review is written, but nothing more. Increasingly, games do change after their release, sometimes regularly and over the course of years. Usually it's for the better as developers make adjustments they should have made before it even released, but yes, there can be cases where it goes the other way.
Nightfire Nightfire - May 29, 2019 (07:50 AM)
Yeah. An example of a game that improved properly with updates would be No Man's Sky. That game was a disaster at launch, but they've been consistently updating it since then. I've seen some videos of what it looks like now, and it doesn't even resemble what it used to be, in a good way. If I had the time I might install it and play it again, but that game is a huge time eater...

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