Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater fan fiction
May 30, 2017

It was stickly hot at sea. The amethyst waves crashed against my speedboat. There is a legend in this sea of a big wave called Big Kahuna. Big Kahuna is a lot more dangerous than Little Kahuna or Middle Kahuna. There are no legends about Little Kahuna or Middle Kahuna. I sped across the water on my way back to the base, hoping that Big Kahuna would not stop me.

My name is Hirakawa Mitsuru. I was on Apollo 11 with Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon in 1963. He got out of the spaceship first. That is okay because he is American and I am Japanese, Americans like to be first. Now I am on my way back to base. The water got more fierce. I could see it coming because my boat had headlights to see in the dark. It was Big Kahuna. Good thing my boat has turbo boost. I hit the turbo boost and blasted through Big Kahuna. I got wet but I got back to base.

Once inside the base, I ran to the telescope room. I knew that Naked Snake needed help. I knocked over boxes, vases, and globes on my way to the telescope room. Neil heard the clatter and yelled "don't break the globes". Inside the telescope room, it was called this because it contains a telescope, I looked through the lens and could see Earth.

I focused the moon telescope lens so that I could see the jungle on Earth. I looked for Naked Snake and found him. The End was on a ridge behind him, aiming a long green rifle at Naked Snake. I grabbed the walkie talkie and called Snake.

"Naked Snake, this is Hirakawa Mitsuru calling from the moon. My codename is Sunshine. Please responds."
"This is Naked Snake. I must talk quiet so The End does not find me."
I told Naked Snake that The End already found him. Naked Snake moved so that The End could not see him anymore. I told Naked Snake where The End was. Naked Snake dropped his sniper rifle and pulled out a big knife.

With the moon telescope, I could tell Naked Snake where to go in the jungle. He walked up to the ridge where The End was sitting. He climbed up the ridge but quietly, and crawled next to The End. He crawled quietly so The End would not hear him. Naked Snake killed The End. He thanked me through his walkie talkie.

"Thank you Hayakawa Mitsuru."
"You are welcome. Please use my codename to keep my real name secret. It is Sunshine."
"Thank you Sunshine."

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honestgamer honestgamer - May 31, 2017 (09:47 AM)
This is a truly profound work of literature. Thank you for blessing my life with it!
JedwardRandy JedwardRandy - May 31, 2017 (04:30 PM)
You are welcome. I am practicing writing. I tried to make it accurate, like changed the moon landing from 1969 to 1963 to fit Metal Gear SOlid 3 timeline.
bwv_639 bwv_639 - June 04, 2017 (01:59 PM)
Nice wave colour.
JedwardRandy JedwardRandy - June 04, 2017 (03:45 PM)
Thank you. I have not seen moon water and I tried to imagine.

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