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Klidel: A Ninja Story
January 04, 2018


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Revolutionary scoring system (RSS) - graphics
July 11, 2017

I spent the last two weeks working on a new rating system, I like to call it Revolutionary Scoring System or "RSS" for short. When you see RSS from now on you will know that it is talking about my rating system.

People say it's impossible to write objective reviews but I prove them wrong here with my new rating system. Each line is awarded points and then we add the scores and see how good the game is. Below are the rating items for "graphics" and the objective scores for Super Mari0 Maker as an example.

1. Animation (0 to 3) - Super Mario Maker is a 1 for animation, things move but it's nothing special
2. Resolution (0 to 2) - Super Mario Maker is a 1 for resolution, better than Atari 2600 donkey kong but worse than Nier Automata

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Top Management 2 fan comic
June 17, 2017


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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater fan fiction
May 30, 2017

It was stickly hot at sea. The amethyst waves crashed against my speedboat. There is a legend in this sea of a big wave called Big Kahuna. Big Kahuna is a lot more dangerous than Little Kahuna or Middle Kahuna. There are no legends about Little Kahuna or Middle Kahuna. I sped across the water on my way back to the base, hoping that Big Kahuna would not stop me.

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