I want Bloodborne on PC, even if I'll never finish it.
November 07, 2016

As much as I complain about Bloodborne not having a PC port, I always fail to remember that even if it did, I likely would give up about 6-7 hours in after getting my head handed to me for the umpteenth time. I want to go through the Lovecraftian gothic horror and be a badass hunter, but would going through all that hardship just to walk into a picturesque valley, take in the sight and get ganked by an invader be worth it?
No, not really.

The easy solution would be to watch a Let's Play or long play video on Youtube, but it's the challenge itself that is the main draw of any Souls-Borne game in the first place - The satisfaction of overcoming an asshole boss. That's more or less the definition of a quest: It's not the destination, it's the journey getting there, complete with its victories and downfalls. These games have flawed but finely crafted lore, characters you're unsure of almost constantly and environments that make you frequently pause just to take it all in, but at the same time, immediately rounding a corner only to have your head mashed in by a hammer doesn't feel like a decent trade.

The other argument is to 'git gud' which already is dismissive, petty and garbage way out of the discussion, but these games are hard for both many right and many wrong reasons. Sure, player skill can be developed and can be executed to make the game more or less effortless for skilled players, but at that point isn't the 'magic' of the challenge gone? How gratifying can your third, fourth or twentieth time through the game still capture that feeling of going on a taxing quest, even with self-imposed limitations or gimmick runs?

I have never finished any of the Souls games and I don't own a console to play Bloodborne, but as much as I would windmill slam a day 1 purchase of Bloodborne on PC, I know full well that the fun, magic and splendor of the game would wear off far too soon after seeing a death message grinning in my face for the fiftieth time.

This could lead into the argument if Souls-Borne games should have difficulty options, but that's a mountainous can of worms.

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