Ys the Anime
October 30, 2020

The Ys Anime is based on the famous series of roleplaying games featured on console gaming. Both games are presented in three DVDs with the first two telling the premise of the first game and part of the second, while the third disk finishes the two chapters altogether. While I had not played much of the games themselves, I was very familiar on how famous they are throughout. Watching the Anime really opened my appreciation for said games for sure.

The series focuses on the heroic exploits of redhead hero Adol, who arrives at the doomed island of Esterea which is overrun with monsters and dark magic, all by the malevolent antagonist Dark Fact who makes sure to make everyone living on it truly miserable. While on his way to defeat the dark wizard, Adol meets with mysterious young women who is part of the lore of the series, and who help guide him in the right path. Adol goes on acquiring various books that would help him defeat the dark wizard and then meets with powerful foes, monsters, and Dark Fact himself. After the last episode on the second disk, Adol is then lifted to the skies to the mythical floating island of Ys by the young girls he saved, which happen to be the twin goddesses Feena and Rhea, and then he then faces what truly is behind all of the evil that has plagued the world below.

On the floating island of Ys, Adol learns that people living on it never has known of the rest of the world they live on, thanks to the lies monsters that control their lives and who demand human sacrifices to keep them in line. Adol meets with another damsel in distress who would be sacrificed to said monsters, and tries to fight in keeping her alive but to no avail. Once Adol destroys the source of evil within the floating island, his newfound female companion comes back alive and the massive continent comes back down to the huge crater where the fight with Dark Fact took place, restoring Ys with the rest of Esteria once more and Adol marching on to new adventures.

Although the whole series is very short it does tell the entire story without having to depend on fillers or seemingly adding anything else that would set it apart from the games too much. I certainly enjoyed the atmosphere of the entire adventure, making me think on how an Anime version of Legend of Zelda would look like. The animation is pretty standard of the time frame which was released, later 80s and early 90s altogether, and the dubbing is not too bad either, which made me enjoy the entire thing without having to read any part of dialogue whilst Adol ventured to save the day.

Ys would make for a fine addition to the gaming anime aficionado’s collection, even if you have never played any of the games. The fantasy theme of this series is quite worthwhile, and the action quite fantastic.
If there are any more Anime based on the game series I sure will be on the lookout for them.

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