Beware servers like WHANGOUT (edited repost)
September 10, 2020

The original post refused to be updated for one reason or another, therefore this is an edited repost with everything I meant to include as intended. Previous post was deleted therein.

Not long ago I deleted a post mentioning a Discord server called "whangout," which was created by justin whang for his fans and whatnot based on his youtube channel. I did so because after exchanging words with the owner on this site went nowhere , it seemed like it would be a lost cause if said post was left up, along with said bullies who attacked me here denouncing me in the most crude of ways with their fake, spam accounts solely created for that purpose on this website.

However I am not going to be silenced on any matter that includes cyberbullying AND hacking on top of that, as well as online attacks and the like. The reason behind this new blog about it is not about me in the least, and its now being served as a caution to anyone who ever encounters this server and makes the mistake of joining it.

I will begin by sharing my experiences on said place. I had an argument with these individuals on said server to the point that I was banned but glad that I was, being that I would never want to go back to such place ever again after dealing with such immature users who believe "making fun of others is OK as long as you make it funny."- this a quote from their rules channel that justin whang himself posted before being deleted by said individuals to cover up his own stance on bullying. Other things you can find in such a place is constant indifference about race, women, and doxxing, which they have under a channel locked to anyone but a selected few.

CptRetroBlue's image
Contrary to what anyone thinks, this is NOT OK on being allowed on this or any site by any means.

I did expect some sort of "payback" from these kids, their behavior pretty synonymous to what you would find in sites like 4chan on which justin whang himself is allured to on his videos. I chose to mostly ignore any other condescending insult tossed my way on my own youtube channel, up to the point on which they were tipped off about other private info about me doxxed by a previous bully which I had problems with long before this, and who seemingly joined up just to give me a hard time along with them.

This was also ignored. I wasnt going to let them bait me with words alone since that was all that it was, but after receiving a threat ordering me to unblock them on instagram "or else," I would find out that some of my accounts online on various sites were hacked and some even deleted. This is how far these bullies would go on just to get back at me, something that I will say is inexcusable behavior no matter what their motive was. Criminal even.

All of this has come to pass but the point of this blog is serving as a warning to anyone who would visit such places or even finds it if you browse Discord servers. I am sure you might not experience the same way I had, but I do advise that these deranged individuals go this far if you have a run in with them.

So be careful out there.

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