Philips Announces the CD-i Classic Mini Game Console
September 07, 2020

I will admit, when I found this "article" online it had me really going. Would Phillips make the mistake on making such a thing after how infamous it became back then? Would history repeat itself just to watch a new generation of gamers lament the same experiences as anyone who went through the pain and suffering with

Thankfully it was a hoax, and I will commend those who created the graphic to even make it look official. That's some quality work. When I first found this I simply skimmed through the entire thing and was making a huge thing about it online, that is one of the things about us gullible people nowadays. We often just go on impulse rather than making sure to read an entire thing before shouting fowl on social media and the like. I was getting curious since this was published back in 2018 and never heard of it anywhere else, not even on this year when I had found it. That along with some poor grammar and spelling was giving it all away. I searched into the rest of the site posted and found out its a parody site, which made me breath a huge sigh of relief after making sure this was just a prank.

I just love the effort into making this a believable gaming article however:

"The new mini system will launch with a signature paddle-shaped remote game controller to replicate the kind of controls the original system launched with. A usable game controller, Philips announced, will be available at an undetermined date in the future. Philips hopes this will allow players to experience the system just as they would have back in the day.

The CD-i Classic will game packed with several built-in games including Zelda’s Adventure, Hotel Mario, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Link: The Faces of Evil, and A Visit to Seasame Street: Numbers. Although the new system lacks a CD drive, the speed of loading games off of the internal memory has been artificially constrained to that of a single speed CD-ROM drive in order to replicate a more authentic experience.

Interest in the device has been high among consumers due to the console including many rare sought-after titles. Online retailers have already ceased taking additional preorders due to the higher than expected demand."

Sought after games? Paddle controller to replicate the experience? Simulated downloading times to mimic those from the CD games? Only a masochist would truly appreciate such horrors relived if this were to become a reality.

The entire mock article can be found HERE and I guarantee you it will make you laugh. Maybe nervously, but laugh nonetheless.

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jerec jerec - September 08, 2020 (05:28 PM)
Haha, that's pretty good. That's when every company was getting in on the mini console business.

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