Final Fantasy and Me
July 21, 2020

It was 1990 and Father brought me to a house of his friend's to visit. Well, it was either a friend of his or a cousin, it doesn't matter. During that time I noticed they had an NES hooked up to their TV at their living room, which had that Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge inside so I ventured into it. It was my first time playing Super Mario in fact, being that I've never even heard of the titular game series beforehand even though I was aware of the NES and some games like Castlevania, of which would be set up in arcade cabinets back in Mexico. During such times their neighbor who was related to this house's inhabitant had a Mster System and the kids had a wrestling game along with Phantasy Star, the latter which intrigued me even though I had no clue of what I was doing back then and by the looks of it, neither did the kids being that they never used a saved file and would always start a game from the very beginning till they would die at the hands of a powerful enemy while walking blindly on the overworld map.

Couple of years later and my interest for anything involving RPGs grew after watching a promotial Dungeons and Dragons VHS tape I borrowed from a friend. I liked the idea of forging your own world and characters battling monsters and earining treasures and experience but then again there was no one I could ever play such things with, including said friend being that they weren't that interested on it besides owning a tape that came into their mailbox. By now I had heard of Final Fantasy, even then when the SNES was around and showcased Final Fantasy II (IV) in game magazines and the like. One of the local video rental stores had that NES game to rent so I did so and went on playing it for the entire week that I was allowed to keep, enjoying pretty much everything that it offered being that this was the only alternative I had on ever playing Dungeons and Dragons with anyone at all.

While nowadays playing such things as DnD I frown upon, I still am interested on RPGs on game consoles and the like, getting more satisfaction on being the sole hero playing through an adventure and conquering it. I also still keep a soft spot for the first entry of the series, even playing its adaptations on the PSX and GBA respectively, as well as beating it on things like emulators and such. There's just something about Squre-Enix's first game into the franchise that keeps me nostalgic and coming back to it even when I had pretty much conquered and know exactly what to do whenever I start a new game.

Its quite unique overall.

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