The Secret/Legend of Mana connection
July 19, 2020

As you may well know by now, the Mana series started as a spinoff Squaresoft's titular Final Fantasy series on the gameboy titled Final Fantasy Legend, at least outside Japan anyway being that it was originally called Seiken Densetsu, legend of the holy sword. Taking in perspective the American title, we can see that it shared some elements with the Final Fantasy series, including Chocobos, Moogles, and other things that would be shown in later installations of the series, such as Black Mages images shown in Legend of Mana, which was introduced years later on the PlayStation console. There was something else that Legend of Mana would be having in common with its own series however, that being that some save points in the game featured statues of the Sprite who was one of the playable characters featured in the second entry of the series called Secret of Mana on the SNES.

Squaresoft stated that Legend of Mana was not set within the same universe as the rest of the series, being itself its own spinoff unrelated to the rest of the canonical entries this being the case. Taking this in consideration one would assume it takes place on its own reality separated from the rest of said games. Now before you confronted the Mana Beast in Secret of Mana there was a cutscene where the main protagonists argued about confronting the final boss of that game, mainly that if it was destroyed, all Mana in their world would cease to exist and with it, the Sprite would also dissapear being he is one of said beings that depend on it to exist in their world. The end credits playing would show a transparent image of the Sprite before cutting off to its ending screen with it staring to the moon in the nightsky.

Like I said, there are statues of said character featured in Legend of Mana which is a game set on its own world away from the rest. Taking in consideration the ending in SoM you could assume that world is indeed the one where the Sprite would exist on, separated from the one where his friends remained on. The argument would be that besides the statues how come the Sprite is never mentioned or even be around during the events of LoM thereof. Well, probably his part in that game as a save point would be the sole one planned in the first place. Also you could argue that the events in SoM would had taken place years ago before the events of LoM started, having the Sprite transcend into stuff of legend and myth. Another point to make is that in this game, the Mana Tree still exists and so is magic, which seems to be a lot more prominent than it ever was in Secret of Mana, therefore the Sprite living in this alternate place quite comfortably if not lonely for the most part.

But being that nothing is ever said about it other than being a cameo in LoM, all of what I had said thus far is just speculation and nothing more. However being that this game is not directly connected to the rest of the series and also taking in consideration the ending events of Secret of Mana, one could come to their own conclusions about it. Sure would be nice if Square-Enix could say anything about this theory to satisfy my own views about it.

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