Beat Lunar Legend
June 30, 2020

In all due honesty it is ironic that I was able to finish this game before I ever bothered to complete the original on the SEGA CD. I started playing the GBA adaptation couple years back and completely forgot about it until recently, which am grateful the SAVE FILE was still intact so I could continue till I finished it not long ago this month. It is quite a nice little title, one that is based more off the PlayStation port without all the Anime cut scenes. There is also something about this title that gives out this serene, nostalgic feeling when you play it. Now that I managed to beat it, I will state that it was pretty short, or at least, it felt like it, but I enjoyed every single instance of it until I beat it.

I may go back and try to finish the initial version of the series, but for now I am content that I can claim one of its iterations at the very least.

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honestgamer honestgamer - July 01, 2020 (10:00 AM)
I have the game too, and only briefly started playing it before I got sidetracked, but I was having a good time. I know if I ever get around to finishing it, I'm in for a good time. Like you said, it's a relaxing JRPG, somewhat soothing. I like those!
overdrive overdrive - July 01, 2020 (01:44 PM)
I played the Sega CD version a few years ago and the PlayStation port a good while before I ever started reviewing stuff, but never did get around to this version. Suppose if I ever get the fix to play it a third time, I know where to go...but with as many games as I have to play that I still haven't gotten around to, I honestly hope I never do get that urge.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - July 04, 2020 (09:15 PM)
This pocket version is like a "Lite" version of the original overall. If anyone feels overwhelmed about past iterations this here is a good game to beat and get acquainted with series overall.

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