Mana Beast vanquished
May 19, 2020

Before that update from that snes emulator took place on which it pretty much left any single game save file and snapshot useless, I was on the brink of finishing a couple RPGs from the SNES library, one of them being the classic Secret of Mana, adored by many even above installments before and after it.

I was pretty much lucky in the fact that after having to start a whole new game I then persevered till I was able to defeat it a few minutes before posting this blog.

So on Wednesday, May 20th at 12:05 AM I confronted the dire Mana Beast and found out that while it may seem easy to deal with the last boss in SoM by having your Mana Sword at the ready, doing it is an entire different matter altogether. The Mana Beast was relentless and would at times stop me from slashing at it when powering up the sword all the way to the 8th level for maximum damage. Randy's pals were obliterated near the end, leaving me without a Mana charged sword so I decided to attack the beast without such magic and fond out a single strike from a magicless sword was all that was left to finish it off. Like I said, lucky.

It was curious too being that according to what I had heard over the years you could only attack this monster after having both magic users charge up the sword, but I am not complaining. At least was able to finish yet another RPG and scratch it off my lifelong bucket list, knowing that I had conquered this game overall.

I was also pretty happy that I could go through the dreaded Mana Fortress without much of a problem, being that I had dealt with its lesser bosses and exited so I could save as much magic as I could once I reached Thanatos and defeat him as well. You may not believe it, but I had an easier time with the Dark Lich than the Mana Beast overall.

In any case, I am one happy gamer in finishing a game from my childhood, and am heading to finish the next one without letting up.

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