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April 25, 2020

This awful month is ending and with it awful things have transpired, but at the same time good things have done as well. As I type this I am eagerly waiting about that job which a recruiter contacted me about after applying for it online and if things go right, I will have said job which fits into my current disabled condition and would not have to worry about surviving for the rest of the year. In all honesty, those discriminating people who shut down my benefits can go take a hike at this point. I am still fighting to get them back in case I do not get that job but at least I can now breathe a bit easier and sleep better knowing there is more hope during such horrific times. I am hoping this pandemic nonsense can come to a close with positive results. It is quite the nightmare.

While this is going on I had to deal with unruly little turd bullies attacking me online and even HACKING me on social media and misc. accounts in other websites to the point of me losing some of said accounts by being deleted/suspended after said attacks. I had mostly recuperated some by starting anew but would let go of others since I wasn't even using those sites much anyway and saw no point in bothering with them, such as with "reddit" for instance. I am still working on denouncing these little punks being I *know* one of such who has been a torn of my side, and which has been stalking me for years now, joining up with said other brats whom I currently had a run in with.

I will also add I am not very happy with the decision of leaving these bullies around with their spam accounts created solely to attack me on this site. I believe they should be banned and not let have any means of being able to ever log in to this site again, for they are just toxic children who get their kicks in harming others online without much of a care of how they victimize others. Nothing positive ever comes from such degradable punks.

However I will focus more on my real life for now, since things are more or less on the right track after a torturous ordeal. There is not much one can do but to fight on and never give in.

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