Update on my declining life status.
March 27, 2020

Today the assholes at Social Security cemented their decision on not reinstating my benefits by sending another stupid letter wanting "their" money back which were sending while this crap was going on before they shut me down about said appeal. 7 thousands damn dollars. As if I would give them a damn cent back at all. Screw them.

Of course any family I have are too busy not caring, this before that corona virus nonsense started, but now are using as an "excuse" not to even visit and try to support me on this dire time of need. Fine. Whatever. Screw them as well.

One last sliver of hope is that I am speaking to a law firm in hopes they can fight this injustice and be able to receive said benefits at the very least, since there is no way I can pay rent this next month even with what I had gathered so far. On that note, thanks to all who contributed, I am very grateful. With what I have I project still being short about 400 dollars, but I will try to talk to those uncaring landlords in hopes that they allow me to be around long enough to fix this or anything at all.

I have read that a Judge in Texas is disallowing any type of eviction till April 19 even though said landlords are trying hard to point out it doesn't apply to anyone within their property they owned. I do have phone numbers and contacts to reach out if they try to break said law at the very least. I am also looking for any resources I can find online before my internet and phone services are cut off because of all this crap.

If things go worse I will just keep any money I have left and simply go out and well, face life in the street. I am disabled as hell, will not have any medication to keep myself from losing my mind with the pain along other illnesses I have since MONEY is what is needed to take care of myself, but at this point things are looking a lot more bleak than before. Like I said before, how can people sleep when they do this to the unfortunate. More baffling when FAMILY turn their back on you as well. I just can't understand it.

I am also seeing if, by any damn chance, may be able to find a job even when I can barely move in my condition. Not even sure what is that I will be able to do but I am also not sure what else I can do as well.

Like I said, I am keeping in touch with a law firm. That is pretty much all I got for now. After that I am no sure. This might be the last update I have for who knows how long. I am sorry that all I am bringing is bad news, just wanted to let know about my inactivity and the fact that I simply can't think of anything else other than surviving at this point. Hope you are all are safe as well because of this stupid pandemic. Until then.

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Masters Masters - March 29, 2020 (05:41 PM)
Man, things aren't going well for you, and covid-19 is the least of your worries... I hope you were able to get a break on the rent and stay in your place. One thing at a time... as far as getting a job, aren't they giving out benefits in the US for folks to stay home since most companies are shut down? Maybe the timing of this thing could prove fortuitous?
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - March 31, 2020 (02:59 PM)
You would think the Government of this country were as forgiving but the reality is thats not the case. However I am working on this as I hired a law firm to help me out. Thanks for your support.

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