Once again I ask for help in any way you can.
March 20, 2020

My nerves are shot at this point, besides the fact in being ever so irate at those uncaring snakes who just will not listen on about my inability to be able to live my life normally much less going out and work like I used to. Like I stated on my recent blog post I am not sure how such people can live with themselves, and I hope they never see themselves in such situation because I promise you, its not pretty. Its not right.

For now I am trying to scrunch up what I can get to pay next month's rent while I seek legal help or even find a job if they are WILLING to let a DISABLED man in without being able to do much. Who knows. I dont want to lose my home just yet that's for sure.


I know I had asked for help before in here, and to be honest I had actually been optimistic on an eventful resolution but seems evil people simply could not let you live your life no matter what.

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