F*ck the world.
March 20, 2020

Now, I know people moderating this site would have a problem with the title of this entry but to be honest, I am not caring much other than voicing my unhinged anger at how mch of a lousy system we have in America and the fact people just don't give a damn of the misfortuned to the point that they could care less if you end up in the street, battered, sick, and not even be able to walk long enough before any injuries you have as a result of being DISABLED might be the death of you.

No, America does not care that you are suffering, at least not TEXAS if anything.

If by now you have not guessed it, the great people at the Government, THE MAN, decided not to reinstate my disability and benefits, claiming I am well an d fit to go back to work when I have a bad knee, bad ankle, bat lower neck, and bad lower back injuries which over time have made it painful to even type this blog as I am at the moment. Not even a VIDEO CONFERENCE was enough to convince them, not even when I had MRECENT MEDICAL RECORDS OF MY INJURIES was convincing enough for these assholes to care. They want me to work. On what and how, I don't know. I tried working about two years before when my situation was a bit more tolerant but even then I could not hold said work, because besides my pain I also am suffering from other conditions one which people pretty much would not want me around for being visibly upsetting.

But the big CONSERVATIVE state cares not for your inability to even be able to think clearly when the pain envelopes you whole. If they believe you can work then you can work, nevermind if you scream in agony in public and can't even stand around for more than 30 minutes without doubling down in pain. A paper states that you are healthy.

I am even more cross with the fact no one of my relatives and even parents care about my situation, one just saying he cannot bother himself in helping me until I can fight this injustice with what little I can offer to a lawyer, and another who could care less in picking up the phone because she is upset that I am dissapointed on how both parents never cared enough to support me sine I was a kid, leading to this crap which THEY BOTH are responsible for but not taking responsibility to at least make sure the rest of my life isn't as crap as it is.

The last option I now have is trying to find a lawyer and at least they could have enough of a heart to represent me in court against this bullshit. I am not hopeful as I once was anymore. I have PROOF. I have my body and medical records as such but no one cares in believing it.

I am not bothering with this site or anything related to social media that has little to do with what I am enduring right now. Chances are I will also lose my internet connection due to the fact that it is a plan based on helping those in disability and the like, and well, said things are now truly gone as I am finishing this blog. I might even lose my home since like I said, no one, not relatives or family, are caring enough to at least help with the rent for the time being while I try to do anything with this.

In any case I really dont feel like caring much about other human beings to be honest. I am fed up on how people treat others and how they take advantage of those who cannot defend themselves. The hell with everything.

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