Sonic booms through opening weekend earning over 70 Million.
February 18, 2020

Its quite amazing this movie is doing this well despite skepticism by some even after the redesign of the titular character. I am not complaining, this is great actually. I am happy one of the gaming mascots from my childhood game series is succeeding.

Deadline article of Sonic the Movie breaking through weekend opening.

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - February 18, 2020 (10:03 PM)
Sonic surpassed the entire adjusted domestic gross of the Super Mario movie in one weekend. Just another example of how Sega does what NINTENDON'T!
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - February 19, 2020 (03:34 AM)
Ha ha yeah
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - February 19, 2020 (12:31 PM)
I'm kinda glad it's doing well. I'm probably not going to watch it, but it seemed like a lot if hard work went into it.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - February 21, 2020 (05:13 AM)
Indeed. I feel bad that the group responsible for redesigning the character was fired by Paramount despite making this work.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - February 21, 2020 (12:35 PM)
The animation industry is rough. At least the redesign work kept them employed a little longer. In the eyes of the film industry, animators and illustrators are a dime a dozen, which is why the release of a major animated film is typically followed by news of layoffs at the studio that produced it.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - February 21, 2020 (09:59 PM)

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