That time Mother sold my NES system and anything on it for pocket change.
February 12, 2020

Now I never got along with my parents. Actually, I never got along with my whole family then *and* now. Many things that I experienced and recent events on which makes me wish I was adopted. Saying this, it was a weird time back then when I decided to trade in my NES system and everything I got at a store called Funcoland now that I wanted to move on to the 16-bit era on which any other kid would mock you if you didn't "move forward."

The store clerk there would be pretty honest on how *low* said trade would be therefore I decided not to do anything about that. During this time I had a part-time job in my High School days so really I had no reason to get rid of this system, as I was realizing one day I came walking from school back home. As soon as I enter I noticed the shelf under the TV was empty, with my NES and games nowhere to be seen. I asked Mother what happened and she flatout stated she sold the entire thing at the last garage sale as I asked. I did forget that I had asked to sell all of it thinking she would make a better decision on how much I could get out of it but turns out she went on selling everything as pretty much that Funcoland guy stated would give us if I traded, because that is how she says it was worth.

This included the zapper given away for a quarter. I don't think I can remember how much she sold the rest out for. I think I blocked it out of my mind.

That taught me a valuable lesson on doing such things and today I had kept my other systems like my SEGA Genesis and SNES inside my closet along with games and controllers. I am not planning on getting rid of anything for any reason.

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