Crappy, crappy DELL PC.
November 25, 2019

So with this cheap system (under 100 dollars in fact,) spazzes all over if I make the mistake of tapping it on its surface, rebooting itself and threatening with messing itself on the inside to the point of me losing anything that I have stored in it. How wonderful. Its bad enough it sports that fallacy of an OS that Windows 10 is, which slows to a CRAWl and even freezes when I try to save a damn image, that on top of it is as fragile as a freakin' house built of cards. I just can't even.

I have this sinking feeling this crappy system will not last for long and once again I will just be around scrunching what I can to get something that will be a bit better but within reach. And who knows when that will happen since I got no resources to get anything of the sort at the moment. To be honest however, I already given up on ever making any gaming videos or anything of the sort to upload to that youtube channel of mine, so I really don't care much about it, but hell if I can just ask to have a decent workstation and at least that much. I guess is just TOO much to ask anyway.

But all of this is on me. If I were to have enough money to build a PC that would work decent and have what I need to continue working on it I would not be living with the misery of being so EXTRA careful whenever I use this thing. I hate my life.

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