I hate Windows 10
November 05, 2019

So yes, I got another crappy PC to at least use it for personal things. However Windows 10 is a little b*tch and so far I hate it ever so much. Ever since Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 (which was the sole one I tolerated and was good enough to use,) I had no other option but to endure this nonsense.

Of course this also meant many programs were "updated" and some forgotten, making it this the most insufferable of experiences I had. Why do we need a glorified "smartphone" interface to begin with? I want a COMPUTER not a hipster's toy. Microsoft has become a joke.

This means I cannot use its Movie Maker, which as funny as you may find out, was the only thing I could ever use to create my gaming videos and such. I had tried Vegas and others and I could never get the hang of ever using anything else. On top of that, Windows 10 makes it quite impossible to do anything of the sort anyway.

You would think that because I got the current system and its a bit faster than the last one, I could play emulation with no problems. Well, thats not the case. The PSX emulation and Gamecube so far are not complying and had to delete them both from the system entirely, taking away with it months of progress in games for personal and gaming upload purposes. I am not even mad anymore. I am taking this as an everyday sh*t that I am letting run its course.

But since I stated I can't do much in terms of video editing I am not even concerned too much on creating anything anyway. Whatever.

That would be enough ranting. When I am well enough to do so, I will keep on reviewing games. At least this much I'd be able to do at this point.

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