People who take advantage of the less fortunate make me sick.
October 08, 2019

It has been the worst 4 days of my life this month and I seriously hope tomorrow doesn't give me so much crap as that time. Everything from money problems, that damn appeal about my benefits, and unreliable relatives has made me just take a jump off a cliff to get rid of it all.

Its been made it even worse with the fact that I am currently using a crappy ass phone of which are offered to low cost families with a free lifeline. I didn't expect it to be state of the art, but the fact that it refuses to even let me make normal ass phone calls at times and I have to urn it off and back on JUST to make said phone calls is really getting in my nerves.

As you all know, I am tying to make it through being I can barely fend for myself being disabled and not having much in terms of money, so these lifelines are one of the things I can rely on for the time being. However when said lifelines offer such garbage phones expecting people to be grateful they can even have ANYTHING at all is nauseating.

The phone itself only allows me to dial a call after I turned it off and on, and even then it will drop calls whenever it wants as well. Right now this is the sole thing I got to communicate with anyone, especially when I dont have the luxury of paying for some carrier and fancy "smartphones." You would think the least this piece of crap would do is allow me to MAKE PHONE CALLS as a PHONE should do.

Of course I already called and complained to the company behind it, and also demanded to have it replaced if they would refuse to fix it. They decided to do neither. It makes me so upset the fact that there are others more unfortunate than me and these companies pretend to care.

Its has not been a good month overall so far. I really don't feel like doing anything about gaming for the time being.

I feel very sick about it. That these people get off making fun of the impoverished like this.

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