StarFox 2
September 11, 2019

Now that gamers can experience StarFox 2 as intended on that SNES mini, I am able to experience it myself in all its protoype glory, mainly on that ROM that was done and intended for the Super Famicom and subsequently on the SNES back in '95. Its pretty good! I can see all its gaming designs that were put in later titles such as the Arwing walker and the introduction of the bad blood StarWolf, who would appear pilot by pilot to annoy you between missions.

Unlike its predecessor you do not go from stage to stage, you actually select where to go and in instances, intercept enemies and enemy fire on the spacemap. The gibberish animals are back and I am so in love with them.

Each pilot has their own strengths and weaknesses and you can select two from the overall roster of 6 including Miyu and Fay who were scratched and never made their appearance fully until the SNES Mini was brought along.

Since this is the prototype I am not sure how it differs from the final version on the SNES Mini, but I had a blast anyway. I want to write a full review on it, but not sure if it could count as the title itself or it would have been pointed out as a prototype.

Well, back to defending Corneria.

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