Comic Sans skin now a part of Smash Bros. roster
September 04, 2019

You know I haven't played one of those smash bros. games since its Gamecube iteration which I still believe to be one of the best in spite of all the ones that came after it. Not that I don't like the game, but I never really owned a Nintendo console since the SNES and I quite been on other games besides that over hyped toy match tourney everyone seems to obsess over. I am not saying its bad either, I am just saying to each their own.

Over the years that game series has been adding characters from many other franchises besides Nintendo, making it for more of a curiosity than anything else. That would be part of why I have stopped caring really. It seems too much for me to bother with it but still, no harm done.

Now I am seeing that awful "game" creeping its way into the roster. I know its creator "tobyfox" stated its just a skin he drafted to use but it will not stop it from actually adding more of his characters into the series from here on. The internet exploded mainly because there is a surreal number of people who actually like that meme of a game and I am simply rolling my eyes about it. If anything, Undertale's fanbase is something that no one should endure on their lifetime.

I can see tobyfox's eyes turning into dollar signs now. God knows what else is going to be brought into this game series. With Undertale you could expect something like FNAF not straying far and I am not staying around for it.

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