Detective Pikachu
August 10, 2019

I remember watching that very first Pokemon movie in theaters. It left me with a sour taste in my mouth. What a turd. I never wanted to even watch the Anime itself much less one of the MILLIONS of movies that appeared thereof. I hated it. I really didn't cared for it. Years later we had this Detective Pikachu and when watching scenes and trailers of the new movie my expectations went even south a lot more than they were about the entire thing. Just look at some of these characters designed while blending it in with live action. My God, why nowadays everything has to be in the "real world" when it comes to old cartoons and videogame films? This sort of thought was along with that Sonic Movie which I shared my utmost bitterness when seeing its trailer months ago, while laughing at how Paramount got worried real quick to the point of postponing its release just to make Sonic look right. Ha.

Well, I gave Detective Pikachu a shot when renting it out a Red Box. What the hell. 2 dollars compared to having to feed the greedy theaters that would cost me a lot more just to be disspointed. I admit I began watching it with low expectations already swimming in my skeptic mind.

Holy crap, this movie shut me up about said expectations and then some. I was pleasantly surprised at how ENTERTAINING this movie came out all in all, the story rolling out in such a fluid manner than even when you already knew how it would end, it made it work on how it would get there without ever feeling cheap, cliche'd, or heaven forbid, annoying. Ryan Reynolds voicing the central Pokemon of the story gives this spicy sass to an otherwise adorable designed little bastard of a character rendered for your eyes and the rest of the cast simply manages to meet such expectations of actors who give a damn in playing out characters in a children's gaming franchise movie.

I have to state that while some of the designed Pokemon rendered for live action scenes may look indeed unsettling, once you delve into the film you simply ignore any kind of uneasy feeling you may of had when watching trailers and sneak peeks before watching said film. Simply put, all of the fictional critters blend VERY well with the live action environment and the human actors who act along. Its like no one really stops and think too much that both Pokemon and people share the same world and it gets away with it without much explanation on how this just simply works.

I am by all means not a Pokemon fan. I simply prefer its immediate rival Digimon in all instances, but this movie did what the show, several dozens of movies, and even the game had not been able to. It reached deep into my inner kid and he just jumped for joy on how wonderful this film truly is. Well done. Well done.

Now if that Sonic Movie tries as hard I may even forgive Paramount for trying too much to be edgy. We will just wait and see.

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