Mastodon Social is not what it allures to be so it seems
August 03, 2019

Finding out the dark side of Mastodon Social and it is discerning. A place claiming to be twitter's answer to its toxic environment seems to be just as toxic in some instances. I have read Mastodon's feed on its twitter account, bashing that sit'es CEO JACK personally, mentioning his account and even with a sense of threat that implying Mastodon's creator trying hard and intimidating him for shock value and the premise of goading more to join his own platform. That is bullying. I don't like twitter and especially its CEO, but sort of approach by using a PROFESSIONAL account is sub-par and illogical. It just adds to the sudden realization that this place might not be what anyone would want when replacing something as toxic as twitter.

There is more however, it seems Mastodon adheres to a certain demographic, coming out as intolerant of sexual orientations and ethnic members other than white. A screenshot of its creator, Eugen Gargon instigating users and basically telling anyone to shove off if they didn't liked how Mastodon is used, along with the fact that some don't feel that "promise" of having an alternative to twitter and facebook. That sure does not feel welcome by any means I believe.

Other articles focus on how there is basically nothing appealing or groundbreaking about Masrodon aside its nice layout and the fact that it is n't twitter. For some time that was good for me, but now that I am seeing certain things about this place it makes me realize maybe I should stick with that toxic blue bird instead.

There is also the instance of "", a section created indivually that connects anyone using Mastodon to a server where you are allowed to share adult material of virtually any kind as long as it is in art form, including underage characters in sexual situations. This here might be Mastodon's biggest concern and something its creator might want to separate from if he does not want any kind of legal trouble. Because even if some believe its "safe" to post such things on that portion of the platform, there is still many things that are wrong with it.

So now that I find out just how crude Mastodon's creator is and its dubious ways in handling everything as a whole I can say for certain that I will simply use it as a back up for whenever twitter locks my account and not as some sort of false savior that would set me truly free in the arid, toxic wastelands of social media interaction.

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honestgamer honestgamer - August 03, 2019 (12:26 PM)
I think folks are losing interest in social media as a whole, because a lot of us have gradually come to the realization that many of the problems with social media come down to one thing: the people using it.

It's true that people are toxic on Twitter, but that's not by design. People are toxic on Mastadon, but similarly, I doubt that's by design. People these days just tend to be toxic when communicating in crowded spaces online, and I haven't yet found a social media platform that doesn't amplify that toxicity to a certain extent.

Myself and many others are taking a step back from social media, engaging less frequently and finding our lives improved as a result. The less time I spend on social media and browsing the comments sections on leading sites around the Internet, the better my day tends to go. I can spend that energy doing more productive things. It reminds me of how Yahoo! Chat was a big part of my life two decades ago and something I used daily almost out of a sense of obligation, but everyone slowly stopped logging on and now a lot of people don't realize it ever even existed. Twitter, Facebook and various other platforms could well be headed in the same direction, and I'm not entirely sure I care if anything comes along to fill any dubious void they might leave.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - August 03, 2019 (04:05 PM)
I agree on your statement. I also would agree that social media outlets could actually work on handling such toxicity but by now like you said, its just not possible.

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