Return to Okami
July 16, 2019

Got my copy from Amazon couple days ago and resumed my years long playthrough I started the first time I touched this wonderful title. I just can't put into words what it feels like playing this game, simply amazing for its time. Not only in graphical design but the overall feel of the game itself. Its just wonderful. The fact that the wolf is one of my favorite wild animals simply adds to the overall nostalgic factor here.

I also got Star Ocean: Till The End of Time which is a curious entry on an already curious JRPG series. The fact that it has two discs on the PS2 its even curiouser, being that most RPGs on that system only consisted of a single disk. I also found out that while the actual save file is some mere kbs in size, its size for a separate file that saves your trophy achievements is astronomical in comparison. I will have a good time exploring this game overall.

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JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - July 19, 2019 (01:18 AM)
Okami was one my favorites from PS2. You're right. It just feels wonderful.

I haven't played Till the End of Time yet, but I have played First Depature and The Second Story. I enjoyed the latter one a lot, even though it felt like it took me eons to get through it.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - July 22, 2019 (04:49 PM)
Yeah the Star Ocean games are quite curious on the way they play. I am trying to finish the first game on that series as well but it seems it will be possible, if anything. I hope.

Its just so sad Capcom decided to close Clover Studios. I would had loved to see more games on Okami thereafter.

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