Projared controversy explodes on the Internet
May 10, 2019

Recently Social Media and youtube have been trashing relentlessly on Projared, a gaming youtuber in the veins of AVGN and the like. The reason behind it came about when his wife would tweet about finding about his infidelity with Commander Holly, who is part of the youtube channel Game Grumps. The incident came into light after Projared's then wife announced his infidelity on twitter.

The controversy even dragged another youtuber named Jontron, who seemingly had nothing to do with Projared's infamous drama yet some feel he is just as bad for having made racist comments about certain ethnicities at some point.
Projared released a statement on his twitter account apologizing and trying to make amends on his infidelity with his wife who was rumored to divorce him after said incident. Peanut Butter Gamer, one of Projared's best friends and also a youtuber, avidly defended him arguing with his wife Heidi on about her announcing his infidelity, something he quickly shut down and apologized for on his own twitter account.

It was also found out that Projared was having alleged sexual relationships with a minor online, going as far as sharing nude photos of himself to the teenager in question as well as those of his genitals. Projared has not commented on said allegations although there are screenshots of what was supposedly exchanged between him and the minor on a youtube video upload.

As of today, Projared's youtube accounts have been damaged by the current incidents, losing around 100,000 subscribers on his central account and users leaving a barrage of snide comments on any other video he has uploaded. On his other channel, Projared Plays, Dislikes have majorly exceeded over the Likes on his uploads as well. Places like Twitter, Instagram, and the like are currently flooded with negative views on this incident, showing no signs of stopping the attacks on the gaming youtuber.


Projared's Channel

Projared's Twitter Account

Newsweek article on Projared's Infedility and Divorce Announcement

Projared's allegations on behaving inappropriately with a minor

youtube upload depicting the pedophilic allegations as posted by said minor on Tumblr

Peanut Butter Gamer's Twitter account

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hastypixels hastypixels - May 11, 2019 (11:17 AM)
jerec jerec - May 11, 2019 (06:58 PM)
I never watched his videos because the thumbnails with his smug face pointing or glaring at stuff was a huge turn off.
Masters Masters - May 11, 2019 (07:20 PM)
Now everyone is crushing this guy. I clicked on a random D&D game review link and someone was like, "This guy is more dedicated to his D&D characters than to his wife..." And they keep it coming.

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