PSX Emulation Update
April 29, 2019

Perseverance is something I am good at and after constant search was able to find a PSX Emulator which this lousy cheap computer system can find no qualms in running. In fact, it runs even better than the one I used and refuses to work on this thing. Unfortunately, it seems I cannot take footage of games I wanted to feature at my youtube channel and whatnot, but for now this is a lot better than nothing.

Also, it will seem that I will have to start AGAIN on games like RPGs and the like since I cannot resume said games in any way with a new emulator. That is a tad irritating but again, at least I can play PSX games once more. One thing to note is that this emulator might not have an option to save multiple memory cards like last one to preserve progress on numerous games, but it does have a save state option so I am crossing my fingers as I venture to play games from the start yet again.

Wish me luck -.-

UPDATE: The emulator works fine and I can use my joypad to play games better than on a keyboard. Also, found a memory card system here and can create multiple memory cards to store save files of games played to save progress, although I will also be using save stats just in case. In short, this PSX emulator is quite fantastic and even when I am not able to take footage for videogame video purposes I am sure will be able to find a way around it. It may require to update this PC overall so I will take time on about it.

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hastypixels hastypixels - April 30, 2019 (05:50 PM)
Have you tried RetroArch? It's easier to configure and has a lot more options than anything else I've used. In fact you can choose just about any emulation core you want to suit the capabilities of your hardware.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - April 30, 2019 (11:01 PM)
I will also try that, hoping the specs on this PC could handle it. I did tried the other software you recommended, but my Desktop just could not allow it to play the PSX emulation either.
Masters Masters - May 02, 2019 (07:31 AM)
Can you play roms on PSX emulators or do you need the actual discs?
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - May 02, 2019 (02:25 PM)
I can play the roms on *this* emulator I just downloaded as I explained, I just can't record footage for gaming videos for the fact the specs on this PC aren't up to it seemingly.

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