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April 12, 2019

Game Players was the sole gaming magazine besides Game Informer I subscribed to. GI was because it came along with being part of GameStop's subscription to their videogame club therefore Game Players was a definite subscription I bought. At that time I looked for a gaming magazine that would feature games that were actually being shipped to the US instead of hyping any Japanese games that would or wouldn't even be in American consoles, so this magazine at that time was the choice for me. I started collecting during the 16-Bit era going towards the 32-Bit era of gaming, which the PSX was becoming the talk of town and I still had my Sega Genesis and SNES around to see what titles would be featured in the last legs of said console gaming.

Another thing that attracted me to subscribe was that they were offering a huge book of cheats for Genesis and SNES which sadly never came with my magazines. Nevertheless I did liked their newsletter that was part of being a subscribed member and it was there when I learned that Suquaresoft had broken up with Nintendo and would go on their own path with another gaming company to continue their Final Fantasy series. Said newsletter would also feature bizarre comics of the staff playing superheroes or some other funny sketch with photos of themselves acting the entire thing out. Besides that, there was really nothing much to have when being a part of their magazine subscription.

Another bit I enjoyed from this magazine was its humor, which was shown in the first pages of the editorial introducing the staff and answering a common question such as what you liked in your cereal in the mornings, and the reviews featured which shared said humor that I really appreciated. In later issues they would also include their e-mail address for gamers to interact with when the internet was making its presence in our social lives. Like in most magazines they would also feature a readers section and a page dedicated to fanart of either games or the staff themselves.

Some goods I got from the magazine were trading cards featuring the Street Fighter II' cast as well as others that had their top rated games from SNES and Sega Genesis. I also was able to snag a comic book from the SNES game featuring Vortex, which included tips on playing the game.

The gaming magazine was funded in 1989 and its last issue was published in 1998 as Game Buyer. The magazine would change its name halfway through as Ultra Game Players which was made to allure to the new format in gaming and the fact gamers were advancing towards 32-Bit consoles and using the internet to interact with videogames further. The staff would go on their own gaming magazine business including PSM Magazine and another whose name escapes me at this point, but I know it did not last long. After that I am not sure what became of said staff but I will forever remember what a trip it was whenever I read into a new issue of their magazine.

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Masters Masters - April 15, 2019 (02:34 PM)
I remember Game Players. I picked up a few issues, but never subscribed (I don't think I subscribed to anything, ever.) My preferred gaming magazines, in order of preference, were: VG&CE (Video Games and Computer Entertainment), EGM (in the old days), and GamePro (despite the childish slant).The editors of VG&CE would put out game strategy books which go for a pretty penny on ebay these days.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - April 21, 2019 (12:26 PM)
VG&CE sounds fantastic. Think I will reserch that magazine online and I completely agree on the old version of EGM since the ones afterwards were turning into something I could not bear to read anymore. The one thing I iked about GamePro was their April Fools section they came up calling it "Lame Pro" with mock reviews and features. It was a blast.

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