Sonic the Hedgehog
February 05, 2019

Not to be confused with the wacky, slapstick series that aired on weekday mornings, Sonic the Hedgehog had a more serious tone into the world of the blue blur with an attitude. It was loosely based on the videogame series and would also adapt characters from the Archie comics which circulated months before the TV series aired on ABC. The pilot episode mirrors said comic book series having characters like Sally Acorn drawn in the same style, then would change their look by the second episode that followed, as well as modifying the tone to reflect a much darker mood than what was first shown.

The story revolves around the nefarious Dr. Robotnik ruling the once peaceful planet known as Mobius and enslaving its populace of animals into his loyal robotic subjects. Only a handful of survivors would band together to become the Freedom Fighters to fight his reign in hopes to once again bring peace to their enslaved planet. Said Freedom Fighters would include the titular blue hedgehog himself, who would lead missions into Robotnik's conquered city to impede his evil ways. Along with Sonic other characters designed for the show would include Princess Sally, a young chipmunk female who was the brains of the small group and very mature and composed, in contrast to Sonic's brash attitude. Tails would also be featured in the show, although he was shown to be more of a kid than an avid fighter that would join their dangerous missions. In season two Tails would be shown to fly with his trademark twin tails, something that was missing in most of the first season save for the pilot episode.

The TV series would run for two seasons with a cliffhanger that was never resolved on its final episode, and a third season that was not produced as it was cancelled before plans to make it a reality would had been made. Sonic SatAM as it was referred by its fanbase, left quite a huge impact on everyone who watched it, including kids who played the game. Its legacy only grew even when the cartoon show was no longer airing on TV.

Nowadays you could acquire the entire series on a DVD box set, or watch reruns in the likes of YouTube or stream services like Pluto TV for free.
While the series would not entirely mirror the look of the games it instead created its own universe, one that viewers immersed themselves into and would happily get lost in with every episode. Truly a hallmark of 90s kids programming.

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