Discord once again shows the ugly side of things
December 18, 2018

So I get banned from Giant Bomb's Discord after having an argument with one of their Administrators who seemed pretty biased about the entire thing leading that point. This is nothing new for me. I always had problems like such back in other chatroom sites and forums. My problem being certain users being immature and knowing that if they poke you long enough, you can't do anything about it otherwise they will cry fowl to the people in charge. Other times I would just be banned just for the hell of it. Abuse of power is very common online ever since its beginning.

But today it was different for me. I see Giant Bomb and its banner showing people in their mid 20s and having this smart alec look on them while being portrayed as handsome, well dressed young men and women. Surely they could not ever represent the uglyness I experienced on their server. Not by a mile. I mean sure, they look smug and I daresay, smartasses, probably I would never tolerate them in a chat online to be honest, but I cannot see any of these people acting up as such like that Administrator on their Discord when he goes on rubbing it on my face first muting me on server, then banning me when the argument became too much for him, leaving a note on a bot labeling me as "toxic."

Now as anything else. I too have been acting like a 13 year old in some instances on said chatrooms, because its just so *easy* to do. You are simply unknown to these people. They do not know how old you are. WHo you are in real life. So even when you try being serious you will find assholes who act like little pricks and will be backed up by their friends or even Staff that moderate such things. I've been there. Many times to even bother counting.

However I too bring fuel to the fire and I am not innocent in some instances where I end up getting the boot instead of the jerk who started anything. However in Discord is quite different. Joining a server based on a site as big as Giant Bomb then seeing it all fall away because I decided to let myself be played in their hands, making me realize that Giant Bomb is nothing but a facade and the people who look so friendly and smug are anything but when it comes to their Discord.

I don't want to think that is the case. But I am banned from said server to even bother thinking just how these people really are. My complaint is that now I cannot just visit it to learn about site's updates in real time chat, or anything I may have a question on. Instead, I took this server for granted, thinking I was one of the boys and joining their absurd meme escapades and then having to deal with a troll who typed name calling at me.

Of course I did bring that up with said Administrator, but seemingly he was OK with said troll calling me names, because according to him, I was being immature anyway. That contradicts his first words at me saying I should not be aggressive or offend anyone in the first place and that was the reason why things got out of hand between us to the point he just banned me and washed his hands out of the entire thing. That is certainly not fair.

But I am responsible for falling on their little trap as it was. Being passive aggressive and poking you until you shout how degradable and one-sided they are, along with insults of your own so the Admin may have his excuse and get rid of you. Fine.

Thats fine. I may not be able to ever chat with anyone on that server about anything related to their site, but I still can watch their youtube videos, read their twitter feed, and check their wiki on their site whenever I need info in any case. I am making my decision to learn from consequences and move on.

That also includes staying on Discord and use said servers for knowledge instead of trying to be one of the guys. I had said I am not good at this chat thing and I am a very short tempered person in real life, along with having a thing against immature nonsense when it comes to making fun of people. I could never be part of said communities being most of these people decide to act like snotty teens in the first place. Just like they had in the past and in ANY place that I have been prior. I am getting too old to even care on being one as that.

The same thing happened to me on another server based off a gaming site called "Sonic News Network," on which like Giant Bomb, I had perceived it as a place where you can get real time talk and info about related topics. Just like Giant Bomb however, it was mainly filled with mean spirited people who acted like prude teenagers, the likes you find at places like 4chan and such and their owner was pretty much a passive aggressive jerkwad. In comparison, I am not sorry that I got banned from THAT Discord, but the results are the same. The way they act towards members reflects on they are end up viewed as elsewhere online, something that affects their image in the long run.

So I will not run away with tail between my legs and will do my best to simply use servers on Discord whenever I seek knowledge about things. Nothing else. If I can ever be back at Giant Bomb's server that's great, but at the moment I refuse to let it bring me down. Chat, like Forums and Social Media can bring the worst in us. The only thing you can do is try to do the right thing about it.

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