Oh Tails, it was Earth all along.
December 10, 2018

For decades since its cancellation I was always wondering how a third season to Sonic the Hedgehog would had been. There have been some input on what the creative team of the famous cartoon had revealed for sometime, and it seemed quite interesting on what could had been.

That is until I saw a video on youtube stating what else was going to be incorporated. It states that the third season was going to reveal Dr. Robotnik's mysterious origin within the cartoon's universe and that did indeed got my attention. Unfortunately it would also add that Mobius was indeed, Earth set thousands of years into the future. Something that made me very glad that a third season was never made overall. It is quite disdainful that a show with such rich built-in culture and its own name would had to resource to such cliches prying it away from its own uniqueness that made the SatAM series such a joy to watch. Quite frankly a mere 1,000 years could never be enough to make such a radical change on the entire planet Sonic resides in said cartoon , along wit hthe fact that there was virtually nothing around in the two seasons that would ever indicate it was Earth all along.

My problem with this cliche is that its quite absurd. Why is Earth the center of everything? We already live in a reality where we may well be the sole planet where life strives on and have human beings in a vast, vast vacuum of space and that pretty much makes me very depressed, but now I get to have my own expectations crushed when it comes to cartoons about games from my childhood as well? How absurd.

In any case, if you are curios to watch said video, click on the link below:

Sonic The Hedgehog TV Show: Everything You Didn't Know

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