Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! (1986)
December 10, 2018

Watched recently a great Anime adaptation of the mustachioed brothers taking on the nasty Bowser and rescuing Princess Peach while at it. Distributed by Shochiku-Fuji Company VAP in 1986, it follows the adventures of Mario and Luigi into the Mushroom Kingdom after Princess Peach gets kidnapped right in front of thewir faces. Following a weird-looking dog creature they trasverse the new fantastic world dodging Bowser's minions while collecting the three power-ups (Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman) which will help them defeat them. Along the way they meet and rescue the mushroom people, who have been cursed by Bowser turning them into coins and stone.

The Anime pretty much stays fairly faithful to the source material, you can hear various sounds and soundtrack themes used in the videogame plus various characters who appear within the game as well. If anything negative can be said about it, is that it gets pretty darn weird in some instances. Such as when Luigi gets affected by consuming mood-altering mushrooms, Mario guising himself as a Mexican bandito when getting upset, and even knocking Mario-brand Ramen cups from brick squares when they get hungry.

The Anime also introduces an out of character Luigi, who worries more about nabbing the kingdom's riches than helping Mario rescuing Peach, something that goes along with his weird color scheme used in the Anime. Both brothers also run a grocery store in the real world instead of having their familiar status as plumbers as with the American cartoon shows showed. The Anime also has this annoying instance of repeating its own themesong throughout the adventure whenever Mario and Luigi are shown walking through the scenery.

On the upside, the Anime features various themes that would not be shown until the game's subsequential sequels, such as Goombas living in an oversized shoe, and Mario riding Kuribo's cloud. It is quite fantastic to notice such things while watching it.

The Anime is quite a treat on itself and a definite watch. There really isn't anything that would determine anything negative other than a few things I had said, which are completely overlooked when you are enjoying the adventure develop before your eyes. I am quite glad being able to experience it.

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