Why Phantasy Star III plays a pivotal role in the series
December 03, 2018

Phantasy Star III wasn't as well received as the other entries in the series, being radically different from the get go and not even taking place in the fictional star system of Algol being instead in the space fortress named Alisa III. Nevertheless there is one theory I considered pondering and using this would led me to believe that PSIII has a pivotal reason as to why it is as important as others within the original series. Simply put, PSIII is the reason why events in PSII took place.

Others had pointed this out with their own theories on how this happened. I am placing input with my own theories adding with those that were already pointed out. As you know, Phantasy Star III has multiple endings depending on who you finish the game with. Two of them have the Alisa III escape from going into either a Sun or a Black Hole. Another has the Alisa III meet up with the Neo Palm and both agree to face Dark Force together when it appears again. Finally, the Alisa III goes into a Black Hole and it warps into space and time towards the past, ending up in our Solar System greeted by people from Earth. Now if you think about it, those other two endings end up with the Alisa III visiting a planet which orbits a sun. I may be looking a bit into this but I believe those three endings are connected in one way or the other, with the one going into the past being the more conclusive of all.
But even if this is the case, how is it that the Earthmen felt resentment towards the people of Algol when they arrived to the point of creating Mother Brain as a gift and a curse? Surely if they had met said people from Algol in the past there would not be any reason for them to be so spiteful towards them when they arrived before the events of Phantasy Star II.
Or would they?

Lets go back to events during Phantasy Star III. At some point in the game you will visit a town where you are told of Dark Force and the fact he was the one responsible for the destruction of Palma thousands of years ago, and because of this, a fleet of ships similar to the Alisa III were able to escape its demise safely exiling into the cosmos. They also state Dark Force somehow boarded one of said ships and began destroying them one by one until only two ships remained, the Neo Palm and Alisa III, where Dark Force was defeated by Orakio and Laya and was sealed away with his black sword in a submerged shrine near Landen. Now consider the fact that Dark Force mocks you after you defeat him at the end of PSIII promising he would return again in 1,000 years. Who's to say that after the Alisa III reached the Earth Dark Force stirred once more and set his plans in motion to have the Earthmen fly in their spaceship Noah towards Algo and start the events leading to Phantasy Star II?

This would lead into an endless loop with Palma's survivors doomed to re-enact events leading to their own destruction. Something that it is very unfortunate and depressing if this is the canonical result of the entire series.

However that other ending where the Neo Palm appears at the end gives Phantasy Star something of an uplifting alternative, but again like the rest of the endings, this is just one version of the game's conclusions. I can't help but to think how it all connects into an endless loop of doomed expectations.

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - December 03, 2018 (08:16 PM)
Have you played Phantasy Star IV? That tells the definitive conclusion to the story.

IIRC, the reason the Earthmen were hostile toward the people of the Algol system was because they wanted to conquer it. They destroyed their own planet and sought to colonize the Algol system. They were also under the influence of Dark Force.
CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - December 04, 2018 (01:31 AM)
Yeah, that was the reason why I recapped the retelling of the wise people about Dark Force boarding the fleet of ships leaving Palma in the third game, and the fact he said would reappear 1,000 years once more to cause them grief, obviously he might've done so by the time the Earthmen decided to travel to Algol and have persuade their ill intentions once they got there.

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