On Christmas Eve let's play Parasite Eve
December 24, 2017

Parasite Eve is a fantastic game which takes place in modern day New York at Xmas Eve no less (unless I'm mistaken about the latter) based on the equally fantastic sci fi horror novel of the same name, albeit taking place years after events on said Japanese novel, we have NYPD officer Aya Brea tackling down a demented woman on the verge of transforming humanity's evolution by horrific means.

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What I like about this game is how the gameplay mechanics are quite unlike I've played before, which later I experienced by playing Vagrant Story also by then named Squaresoft. The game's atmosphere feels like an interactive movie as you direct Aya throughout its amazing storyline and complex plot. I know there's a sequel and will try it out once I finish this game.

Have a happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas.

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overdrive overdrive - December 25, 2017 (08:56 AM)
As I recall from playing it a bit, the sequel is more action-oriented than action-RPGish. And there was a second sequel along those lines for the PSP more recently, I think.

As for this game, I liked it a lot. Beat it 2-3 times. Fun for a lot of it; occasionally infuriating (one particular section of the end-game kind of annoyed the hell out of me). The biggest flaw I remember is that the loading in of RPG battles diluted any actual survival HORROR elements. I remember one bit in the police station that was designed to evoke RE2's interrogation room where the licker smashes through the glass to take 5 years off your life. They try that here, but when the screen goes gray and you hear the disc loading in something, you don't really have much of a jump-scare.

But about the only thing I didn't do was complete the optional post-game Chrysler Tower thing. Made it pretty high up in it, but got stopped by a tough boss and didn't feel like powering up to beat it, as I recall what got me was it was a two-part insect or something that could heal or regen itself if you weren't damaging it quickly enough. Or something like that. 15-20 years ago and my memory do not work together on those fine details, lol.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - December 25, 2017 (04:15 PM)
I don't think of Parasite Eve as survival horror. It's more like a sci-fi action/RPG with some horror elements. My biggest gripe with the game is its FF7-style directional controls, where "up" changes depending on the angle of the screen you're on. Tank controls would have been better. Otherwise, a fun and weird little game.

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