Part Of My Short Story..
May 08, 2012

James wakes to a chap on his door. He can’t believe he is still alive, still breathing in the stale smoke that haunts his shambolic flat. As the chap begins to pick up sound, James’s head begins to pound, like it’s been hit with a hammer and nail. James gets up, and puts on a long sleeved shirt, to hide the hole marks on his arms. He then unlocks the door and opens up, what stands before him is his worried Mother. She stands there like a queen, with her blond hair dangling like a clock hand, her dazzling handbag studded with diamonds, her new engagement ring shining like a thousand spotlights.

‘’Aren’t you going to welcome me in’’ his Mother says with interested tone ‘’Its not that great a time Mum, I’m just trying to get the flat in shape, and myself’’ ‘’Oh right, I could help you fix things, your not looking to great, when is the last time you ate a proper meal’’

James begins to lift his voice to his Mother, ‘’I’m Ok, why cant you understand I want freedom, freedom from you, freedom from these demons in my mind, why? ‘’I just wanted to help, I’m your Mother for goodness sake’’ ‘’Just leave, just GO!!’’ James slams the door on his Mother, and walks into the kitchen.

The kitchen unclean, dishes piled up like they want to touch the stars. There is no color; yet again grey walls offer a dire spectacle. Empty beer cans cover the worktops, the place seems swollen, like a broken arm, and there is nothing to look at except a hurt, depressed man. James begins to run the tap, dirty water turns into clean water in a matter of seconds, and he then drinks ferociously, like a man left without water for days.

As he wets his tongue, James tries to tackle his addiction, he begins to sweat and shake like a leaf in a bitterly cold winters day, his bones buckle up, he can barely move. He feels like death is coming. His heart pounds like a drum. He starts to walk unsteadily through to his bedroom, his nose catching every speckle of dust as he moves. He reaches the checkpoint, and falls onto the bed like train hitting a hundred bodies.

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