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Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy) artwork

Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy) review

"Instead of making it an entirely new Donkey Kong game, like they did before, this time they just ported the game as accurately as they could from the SNES. That was really not a bad mood, for Donkey Kong Country 2 was a very good game, and Donkey Kong Land 2 lives up to it nicely. "

Instead of making it an entirely new Donkey Kong game, like they did before, this time they just ported the game as accurately as they could from the SNES. That was really not a bad mood, for Donkey Kong Country 2 was a very good game, and Donkey Kong Land 2 lives up to it nicely.

STORY (3/5): Donkey Kong has been kidnapped, and the banana horde has been stolen again. You set out with Diddy and Dixie Kong out across a large variety of lands to defeat K. Rool and save your uncle Donkey Kong. Really, there is nothing new there then any of the other Donkey Kong stories, but at least they try to lead you in a general direction.

GRAPHICS (11/15): They really did they best they could porting this game to the Gameboy. The emblem of Donkey Kong is the bright colors, and that is not there, and that is a shame, but the Gameboy can not do colors. The characters look fairly nice as do the enemies, although they also look dull. You will be able to live with it.

SOUND (4/10): This is basically where the port was killed. The sound is all the same for an entire world. It is repetitive, and is not really that nice to hear. The sound effects are simple like ''Boink'' ''Clank'' and such. This really could've been better, but you can live through it I guess.

GAMEPLAY (48/55): This is really the strength in Donkey Kong Land 2. It is a deep involving game, which you will need to jump from platform to platform, swim underwater, and shoot through loads of different barrels to win the game. This is not that repetitive, as there are loads of variety in methods of travel through the levels. Some levels you will need to light barrels to see your path through, others you will swing from place to place on a rope. There are tons of levels to do these things in, so you will be able to have a good time.

Of course, you still have the ability to turn into loads of animals with their own special skills. There is a Snake, Parrot, Rhino, Swordfish, and Spider. They each will be needed to work your way through certain levels, and find special items. See to completely beat the game you will need to find one DK Coin in each level, and at least one bonus barrel, in which you can use to gain Rare Coins. You use the Rare Coins to pay a toll, to be able to access all the levels.

REPLAYABILITY (10/10): This is the longest of all of the Donkey Kong games, in my mind, and there are alot of hidden things you will need to find to completely beat it. That is a ton of hours there, and after that it is fairly fun to just replay through it again. Out of all the Donkey Kong games for any system, this is by far the one I have played the most, because there were so many secrets to find, and they were fun finding most of them.

DIFFICULTY (5/5): This is a hard/long game. You will be stuck at some of the levels, and you will definitely be stuck searching for some dumb special item if you want to completely beat the game. If you search everywhere, you will make it though and that is the key to mastery of Donkey Kong Land 2.

OVERALL (77/100): Donkey Kong Land 2 definitely stay afloats in the land of games. It has it's fun moments, and you will be able to play through it many times. As you work your way through Donkey Land 2, you will enjoy most of it. Whether or not it's worth the pickup, depends on whether you like old sidescrollers or not. It is a good game, although I would reccomend the SNES version more.

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Community review by ratking (November 28, 2002)

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