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Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64) artwork

Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64) review

"Take your favorite nintendo characters and duke them out against one another. This is what Super Smash Brothers offers to the Nintendo 64 table. This game has deep gameplay, and is an addictive multiplayer fighter. I fell in love with this game when I first saw it advertised, and it was as good as I ever expected. "

Take your favorite nintendo characters and duke them out against one another. This is what Super Smash Brothers offers to the Nintendo 64 table. This game has deep gameplay, and is an addictive multiplayer fighter. I fell in love with this game when I first saw it advertised, and it was as good as I ever expected.

STORY (3/5): Now there is no story, yet I gave it points. Why? Because of who the characters are in it. There is Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Fox Mcloud, Samus, Pikachu, Link, Kirby, Ness, Jigglypuff (who is underated), Captain Falcon, and Luigi. All these characters are playable in this game, and each use their old moves.

GRAPHICS (17/20): It's a completely 2D fighting game, as there is no sidestepping and things like that. However each level has a very nice background and the character all look like they did in their respective games, except more animated and updated so they look 3D. The graphics don't dazzle, however they do the game justice.

SOUND (9/10): All vinatage music taken from old NES and SuperNES games brought onto the N64. It is beautifully modernized, and brings back fond memories of the respective games. The sound effectsa aren't too great, but they are there.

GAMEPLAY (30/30): This game is wonderfully addictive. You can control your personal favorite Nintendo character through either a 1 player mode, where you face other famous nintendo characters, or multiplayer against your friends. The courses how ever play a major rule in this game, for you may be shot by the arwing or hit by molten lava. The courses come from the Nintendo games the characters come from. Not only are there special courses, however, there is also an array of weapons to use. You can use a beam sword to swipe at your opponents, or do an instant KO with the baseball bat. The hammer is a little cheap, but it also changes the pace of the game quickly. But most importantly the Pokeballs. Dozens of Pokemon will appear attack your opponents in some way. Some of these are cool, and really effective. Now if you don't like any of the certain weapons, you can just turn them off. So if you hate the hammers cheapness, do not worry, for that problem can be solved.

CONTROLS (10/10): Each character has their own set of moves. Their are personal set of kick and punch moves. Each character also has his own special moves, utilized by the ''B'' buttons. These special moves come right out of their games, such as Mario's fireballs, and Kirby's powerstealing ability.

MULTIPLAYER (10/10): We all know many of you have had Super Smash Brother parties. This game was addictive, and once people learned the initial moves it made the game anybody's and it was full fledged battles. This game rivals GoldenEye as the most played multiplayer game with my friends, and I believe we have played this even more. It's the god of multiplayer games.

REPLAYABILITY (8/10): Many people said that the single player mode had nothing to do, and got boring fast. I had played through with every characters multiple times, for it was quick and entertaining. Also you can play the multiplayer modes against the computer for some entertainment, with it's 9 different levels. You are in complete control of Super Smash Brothers.

DIFFICULTY (5/5): For the multiplayer the Sims have 9 different levels. For the single player there is 5. You might not notice the subtile difference, but each level is a slow improvement. It is very nice, cause you can get your skill level to an exact.

OVERALL (92/100): This is a must buy for the Nintendo 64. At least until Super Smash Brothers Melee come along. However I think this game is more addictive and entertaining that it's sequel, and it is a great game. I mean this game came around, and it strengthened itself to one of the greatest fighter games out there. This is a great game, and a must have still today.

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Community review by ratking (July 25, 2002)

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