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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) artwork

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) review

"Super Mario Bros 3 took the ideas in the first and expanded them into a much bigger, and a much better game. Sure, it isn't the first, therefor not the instant classic, however for most this is the Mario game they've put the most time in. At least it is for me. "

Super Mario Bros 3 took the ideas in the first and expanded them into a much bigger, and a much better game. Sure, it isn't the first, therefor not the instant classic, however for most this is the Mario game they've put the most time in. At least it is for me.

STORY (2/5): This is really the only weakness in Super Mario Bros 3. There is really no story besides Bowser has collected magic wands, and has given them to his henchmen to change the appearence of the various lands kings. Once you save a king you get a letter from the princess. Woohoo. I'd rather save her if you ask me.

GRAPHICS (14/15): The graphics of this game are very good, but yet not great. However the amount of information in this game is huge. Besides Castlevania 3, Super Mario Bros has the most things to do in a game, all with beautiful visuals along the way. Plus, there is no slowdown.

SOUND (8/10): The sound in Super Mario Bros 3 is a collection of various strong tracks for each world, even the maps music is different. The music is still of the beeping variety, but a much better version and it sounds strong. I love the music in Super Mario Bros 3, but yet it doesn't really stand as memorable.

GAMEPLAY (54/55): First the one weakness in Super Mario Bros 3 is the lack of a password or save system. This means if you don't use the magical flutes you could be playing for at least 6 hours to beat the entire game. That is a sick total of time, so get ready for a nice sit down. However with that out of the way the powers in Super Mario Bros 3 is endless. You can use the classics like the fire flowers and the star, or the new powers such as the raccon tail that lets you fly, the raccoon suit that turns you into stone, or my personal favorite the frog suit (Mario looks so cool in that one). Now this suits all have their adaptive ability like a said, and you can save these powers for the levels you need them most. This is cool, cause when you earn these powers you can now save them (you earn them in various short mini games). This game is huge too, with 8 world of 10 or so levels each. There are subdungeons, in which you take on various skeleton creatures, and nerve racking puzzles. But it doesn't end there. You also have to take on huge boats to reach the lair of Bowser's cronies, and get back the wand. The cronies are easily beatable, and will not annoy you really. The levels are fairly similiar but with differences too, and level 8 is a hellhole literally, with a lava filled ocean and a flying segment ship which is crazy jump after crazy jump (and in my mind the funnest level in Super Mario Bros history). This game shows truly why some games can be good relying on gameplay alone.

REPLAYABILITY (8/10): The game is huge, however you do have to play in one sitting. This means you will be putting alot of time into trying to get to the same level, and beating it. Also there is much strategy needed in Super Mario Bros 3 (Such as P-Wings and Clouds). This game also has a little subgame with two players, where you knock out creatures. This is sadly entertaining. But the game itself is long and well have you playing the same levels a million times over (I can beat first level with my eyes closed, litterally), and you'll pick it up one more time for the classic entertainment.

DIFFICULTY (5/5): This game is definitely hard. You will need strategy and quick fingers to pull your way through this heart stopper. You will also have to play this game a millino times through. However I did pull through it one day, and the difficulty made the victory that much sweeter. This may become a nuissance and it took 8 years for me to beat the game, but I will never forget that day as Bowser fell down a hole :-)

OVERALL (91/100): It is the little things that hurt Super Mario Bros 3, such as the lack of a password system and a story. However this game lost a point here and there, but discluding story it was above average by a good deal in every category. Super Mario Bros 3 is where Mario stood on top of the video game industry, and in my mind put Nintendo on the top of the throne, where it will not be overthrone throughout eternity. Ask any gamer about Super Mario Bros 3, and most likely you will here a positive reply, for this is one game few people did not enjoy.

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Community review by ratking (July 16, 2002)

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