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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (PC) artwork

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (PC) review

"The planet of Twinsun. "

The planet of Twinsun.

It was a happy place, where four different races lived in perfect harmony. One could see Grobbos, bipedal elephants wearing trousers were often seen laughing over a pint of beer with the human – looking Quetches, it seemed like the peace would never be shattered.

Until he arrived.

Dr. Funfrock, residential mad genius with a penchant for dictatorship rose to power at an alarming speed, and it seemed like nobody was able to stop him. With his technological genius, he managed to clone as many soldiers as he wanted, and teleport them to any part of the globe to do his bidding. In an instant, all was lost under the heavy iron boot of opression. However, no matter how bleak things looked, hope could not be crushed. People talked about a goddess from the old legends that would appear when her people needed her most, which of course made Funfrock ban the mention of the name, or placing images of the goddess anywhere. Incidentally at the same time a young Quetch Twinsen started having odd dreams which did not sit well with the crazy dictator. As it happens, dreaming was illegal too and thus Twinsen was captured and thrown into a jail cell.

This is where the introduction ends and the game starts, and you will soon learn that Twinsen is not below killing people in order to escape from the jail in which he was so unjustly thrown in. Indeed, when the guard comes to check if everything is alright with his prisoner, it will take but a small effort for Twinsen to dispatch the guard in a flurry of kicks and punches, before he is able to make his way out of the prison.

And here's where things get interesting because there are a couple of ways you can do that, which you will find out with the discovery of various «modes». Modes differ in the way how Twinsen acts towards his surroundings. For instance, when you beat the crap out of the said jailer, you will be put in «Agressive» mode. Twinsen sways from side to side as if he had a pint too many, and when you press the Action button, he will start to flail around wildly, destroying all in his path. However, while in isolated quarters this might seem like the best mode to play in, you will soon learn how fragile Twinsen really is in large quarters if you try and bullrush everything on the screen. That is why you are given three other modes with which to experiment.

Travelling from area to area will teach you, usually the hard way, how to use the differing modes accordingly. An example would be a room filled with soldiers where you have no chance of surviving if you try to take them all on. However, if you are to choose a «Discreet» mode, you will find out that Twinsen can sneak around silently past the guards and thus having more chances of survival than a dog at a korean restaurant. If you do get spotted however, it's time for a hasty retreat. Switch to «Athletic» mode and run like the wind out of there, jumping over whatever gaps there might be, seperating you from success.

Finally, you will escape from the prison and a vast world will open to you, a world which, for the time when this game was made, was incredibly interactive. You can do side missions, like move crates in a warehouse to earn some money, or perhaps even get a powerup for your health or mana. You can take a stroll through the city, talking to it's denizens and find out just how they feel about the current state of things, or see how the people react to your actions. As an example, the first person I met when I escaped prison was a Grobbo who for some reason annoyed me by simply existing. He had a smug look of an elephant who had everything in life, and thus deserved a solid punch in the trunk. Changing to agressive mode, I ordered Twinsen to do exactly that, only to find out that punching an elephant, no matter how humanoid it might be, is perhaps not the wisest idea in the world because odds are, it would punch back. And it did, in a pretty mighty way. So, I started to run away from him, but did the elephant follow me, hungry for my blood? No. Instead, he calmly walked away to a nearby guard and told him that there is a lunatic punching people on the streets. Naturally, I died soon afterwards, but it was for a good cause, to see how people «react» in this world, that it is a world in which you are merely a cog, and not the center of.

You will learn, when the moment comes, that there is a good reason why Funfrock wants you out of the picture as you start to unravel pieces of the mystery surrounding the very planet which you are trying to protect. From a fairly weak Quetch, you will, through experience, transform yourself in stalwart protector of the weak and oppressed, leading the fight to freedom. From the city limits, over the desert, all the way to the frozen ice caps at the edge of the world.

With time, you will learn more about Funfrock, about the goddess and your role in the grand plan. Will you be the saviour of Twinsun? Or will you fail in your mission, and forever doom the people to serve under a cruel dictator? Grab the game, enjoy the experience and find out.

Just don’t punch any more Grobbos.

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Community review by darketernal (February 01, 2009)

Occasional reviewer of random stuff.

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